Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lafayette Plaza/spot

seen this place for a few years now but didn't get to skate it til 2012.  just east of K-town.

super fun manny pad/ledge combo. kids had it waxed up good too! the five stair in the back finally went down (ollie), was super stoked about that

Carl's Jr star in a poor location, or the banked ledge, one or the other.  3 stair got me thinkin i could still ollie stair sets

big up on a slappy noseslide a few times...made my trip

5 stair from above

its not much but for some reason i loved skating here.  kids were pretty chill and whatnot.

Belvedere Skatepark, East Los Angeles, CA

This place was super fun also

got boardslide on this beast! yes i was stoked

line of the day...up and outta the bowl, to the left

heres the other side of the line of the day...right in front of this kid

got airout over the little box on the far side

gnar ledge...didn't touch it

the big stuff...didn't touch it

the big bowl.  pretty challenging...didn't skate it much the coping in the shallow was super chewed up

St Helena Skatepark, Napa Valley, CA

this place is awesome.  super smooth and makes you want to try things you normally are too scared to try

that pocket was super fun to just speed through

made me want pads and helmet...that vert wall was so big...and the shell

got ollie up the step up gap and onto the manny pad. ollied the four stair and was stoked! i think i could've got boardslide on these rails but never got around to it

fun pyramid, you could adjust your angle to make the table top bigger or smaller...

super launcher.  worked on getting the gap to the bank and was successful! yes

hip of flight...think i actually got over the coping on this one once

vert bowl.  even the shallow was vert. very tight and steep and a real workout

i was lookin at the back 50-50 going straight. reminded me of corvallis skatepark where i never had the sack to try it...

this place has lights too, so you can rage it while the woman is off tasting wines or whatever

Hollenbeck Skate Plaza, East Los Angeles, CA

this place had some buttery ledges also, but the flat was rough, which was nice after Stoner Park and Lafayette, which are really slick.

rolled off this launch

the manny pad was sick.  the crew sitting was getting some crazy good footy, one of the kids i chatted w later said he thought the guy rode for creature

big drops in the back

flat rails for miles