Friday, September 27, 2013

Mad river

After participating in the mad river clean up event for coastal clean up day with the canoe already on the car, and after brunch, I paddled from the county park to the bend. Then a seal/otter/sea lion? splashing told me to call it a day

Monday, July 22, 2013

Latest solar oven

Pretty stoked with this design. The box and reflectors are all corrugated cardboard. Still working on the angles but getting closer to a totally recycled design. Need a shop to fine tune the process/construction

Stone lagoon

Sunday, January 06, 2013

wrote a letter (in their online form) to the city of Glendale, CA. and wanted to share it here...

Greetings, I am writing as a Hoover High School alum, class of '93 and a currently active skateboarder.  I don't live in Glendale currently, but I return often to visit my parents who still do, and I have made numerous visits to the skatepark in question.  The park itself is unique and a worthy destination for any level of rider and the city should pride itself for building the facility, however, like the majority of similar facilities in similar cities all across the country, it should be free!  I find it dumbfounding to see free parks in LA, SF, Eureka, St. Helena, etc, etc. and then learn that now even glendale residents must pay to skate...gee i wonder what that's gonna do to usage rates (ie more skaters in the streets)? 

I love skating Lafayette skate plaza in LA because not only is it fun to skate, I like seeing how it functions as a social gathering spot. Everytime I'm there I see kids of all races exercising and developing skills and challenging themselves and making friends.  Skate culture is here to stay, not to mention a huge industry and the city of Glendale is treating it like an overprotective parent.  Its time to fully support skateboarding in Glendale and free the park like all other communities in the US. Furthermore, in the spirit of keeping kids off the streets and buildings and serving its population, the city needs to build a "street plaza" because Verdugo is too vert for a lot of kids these days. Its rad, don't get me wrong, but skaters also need some nice ledges and manny pads and mellower transitions to learn on. Take a look at Stoner Plaza in West LA. 
Thank you for your time and consideration