Monday, March 19, 2007

forum update

well, the forum has been in existence every week since it began. Its tough to get people when your time and place are always changing. I think the only thing we have to go on, other than the strength of the idea itself, is consistency...well I take that back there are probably other things to go on, but I can't think of them at the moment.

Last weeks was a low point, to be perfectly honest. In leiu of the no-more-war march, time change at Sunnyside, and other folks not being there for whatever reason, the COF didn't really happen.

Suffice it to say that I've noticed a slight concern about its longterm survival creeping up every once in awhile. Perhaps a meeting is in order?


still here again

apparently some people do read my blog.

Here's what I just wrote in an OSPIRG letter to state legislators...(I think?)

Blogging is a lot of work. I salute those of you who find/have the time!

I urge you to support the Renewable Energy Standard, Senate Bill 838.

In my humble opinion, supporting renewable energy in general, and this standard, to be more specific, is a no-brainer. In terms of monetary investment, renewable energy will pay for itself many times over.

Indeed, I don't see why Oregon couldn't be an exporter of energy, bringing in cash flow; instead of importing it, draining our economy, as it does today. Only, instead of that income being channelled into relatively few coffers, with renewable energy production, it will be flowing into the people's coffers. Average homeowners like you and I.

Imagine a million solar roofs being like the trickles and rivulets of water which converge into rivers which we already capture with hydropower. Only with solar, it makes sense to widely distribute the point of collection.

Recognizing a limitation of solarpower and other REs, that of the variability of the sun, lends the opportunity for the next step, namely hydrogen. With the solar "river" of energy generated, hydrogen generation could be coupled to create a form of energy more dense and transportable, indeed a flow of hydrogen.

The energy system of the 21st century is sitting right there, I can see it, but we need to invest in it to make it a reality. The People need to decide that its worth investing in, and I'm one citizen who is letting you know that I affirm that our society should invest and invest heavily in renewable energy and hydrogen. By positioning ourselves now, this is the ground floor right now people, we can create and enjoy *clean* energy abundance in the future.