Monday, September 21, 2015

resuming blogging? maybe

Stay tuned for exciting news as we embark on a new chapter. I think it will be worth documenting. So just to update, we are in Humboldt Co. Californeyeyay I still skate and have a permaculture design certificate from Geoff Lawton. I hold Terence Mckenna in high regard though I've yet to wrap my mind about much of his stories. Speaking of stories, I've been following Charles Eisenstein also. I've been immersed in Youtube. what a gift to humanity! I'm still Green politically and am on the fence but a little bit excited and hopeful for Bernie Sanders and the energy (political revolution) he is building. The world outlook hasn't really improved except for the fact that we're still here and able to do some things.  Obama made his allegiance to the corporate oligarchy pretty clear.  I still think he's been a Great Disappointment. I'm defintely trying to be skeptical about Bernie Sanders but...its...not easy.  I haven't gone back and looked but I feel like much of what Bernie and others are saying are what I said on this blog back in the day.  Which is to brag. yes. I should embrace it. Which is to say that it doesn't take a genius to have a little foresight. It takes a genius to communicate the expanded awareness in ways that reassure and motivate the awareness to grow.  But Charles Eisenstein insists that even the smallest gestures matter in this incarnation.  Is kindness making a comeback? 

Other interests include banned TED speakers Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake. Thanks TED!
People were building monolithic temples 12000 years ago at a place called Gobekli Tepe. Life just might include a feature only recently bring hazily referred to as morphic resonance or field. What if energy flows in fractals through dimensions? haha but seriously tho.

I'm still following Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist movement.  They are still in the education phase.  Watch the Zeitgeist trilogy if you haven't already. A resource based economy sounds nice and quite possibly feasible even. 

I feel like I've increased my understanding of consciousness.  Consciousness is the ground of all being. From consciousness springs forth energy, matter and the rest. That we are conscious of our consciousness is what makes us especially complex and mysterious. Why did we have to go through this phase of brutality and separation? Why did we forget and why is an awakening still so unclear? Is it happening? Some signs say yes.  Maybe its only propaganda that says no. 

Lets try something new.  Our awareness of fundamental unity is growing. The way forward is easy, we must redesign in the light of a little more kindness and loving and caring but respecting diversity and unity. Thats was a hurdle for me. Yes, we are One! But you know what, we are individuals also. We are one AND we are individuals. How shall we proceed to become our greatest versions? (reference to Ralph Smart, aka Infinite Waters) The irony is I'm typing this in the comfort of our living room by myself. Indeed I've been withdrawn socially for almost a year, since I stopped going to the farm. 

I decided to take the people who've had near death experiences at their word and accept that death is not to be feared, but life should be lived while the gift is available. Folks like Anita Moorjani and Eben Alexander. Also Wayne Dyer, who is on the other side now, which is sad for us but I'm sure his death will be a great lesson for us as was his whole life, practically.

I think I'll start vlogging on youtube also but hesitant too. any help greatly appreciated! loving you