Tuesday, February 28, 2006

working revolution

This is the title of my buddy Chad's blog. I think it's a great title. Chad, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're fired up to do something about the sorry state of things. Something big. So the question is what do we do? What can we do? I really don't have an answer. The other night I was thinking it would be cool to organize working folk somehow, completely under the radar, like in the movie Fight Club. How to do this? good question. The organizing principle would be straightforward, working people organizing to take a bigger slice of pie. Imagine the next election day, starting off with a general strike, then every poll and prediction completely turned on its head by a huge voting bloc of previously apathetic and ignored workers.

Right now there is a Social Change Conference going on at OSU. Maybe I'll take a stroll over there.

my letter to NBC

I was unimpressed and in fact disgusted with the crass nationalism of your Olympic coverage. I understand you are the National Broadcasting Corp. but give me a break. You don't have to take that so literally. The Olympics are about bringing the world together and all your coverage did was to set America apart. And in case you aren't aware, which apparently seems to be the case, America is composed of immigrants from all over the world.

I won't be watching NBC in the future and I pray some other network will cover the Olympics in the future.

Friday, February 24, 2006


I just want to get one thing off my chest about the Olympics, especially the winter games. This is perhaps indicative of my penchant for complexity as I do enjoy watching the competition and have tuned in fairly regularly. However, it seems to me that the winter olympics is a celebration of basically the G8 nations playing games that they invented and inevitably excel at. It's like they're saying to the rest of the world, look how great we are! I mean, of course the countries with the most money are going to have the best athletes, so big deal if the US wins X gold medals. The rest of the world are just struggling to get out of debt, they don't have the time or resources to go galavanting around on snow and ice, which are mostly in the G8 countries anyway. Call me cynical, but the winter olympics is somewhat farcical. Having said that, Korea is going to rule the short track tomorrow!

sick day

I'm ill today and so finally have a chance to post again. Last weekend was pretty busy. I got off work early and Hyun-Kyung and I got in the car and headed up north to Vancouver B.C. for my friend Dennis' wedding. As it turned out the trip proved to be borderline overwhelming. Getting hammered at the wedding didn't help things though it was fun at the time!

It's a beautiful day today and I should be outside doing something.

more later

Sunday, February 05, 2006

what to blog?

It's been a long week or so since my last post. We've dealt with the State of the Union, numerous human tragedies, and today a Super Bowl. I'm at a loss for words. I feel like I'm in a state of limbo. The State of the Union was a joke. Bush lost all credibility a long time ago, but for some reason I still watched. I guess I wanted to see where he would go with the "addicted to oil" bit. But it was as predictable as, well there were no surprises. What does he mean by nucular? I hope he isn't talking about nuclear power.

So the Steelers won. Big fucking deal.

tkn struggles on.