Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm leaving on a jet plane today.

Big up to all the people alive on planet Earth right now. Wow! Here we all are, living to see another day and live and exist and struggle and survive and yes, enjoy! Some of us have received a lot of loot, and others not so much, but we're all here and its a miracle to be alive and well in the early 21st century in proto-fascist America.
One Love to the people of Earth!
Lets get together and feel alright.
The people united is what we need.
Imagine no countries, it isn't hard to do.
We're all family and loved ones, the killing must stop.
Peace on Earth and goodwill toward All
What do these words mean? We hear them year after year but honestly, lets try and be objective about this, is there any more Peace on Earth now than before? C'mon people.
If we really want Peace on Earth and if we have real Goodwill to all, then things have got to change. We can't keep doing what we've been doing. Sacrifices will probably be necessary. But as I've learned this year, its not the end of the world to wake up alone on Christmas morning and not have any tree or gifts or decorations or anything of significance at all, except the abundant life I already enjoy, of course. relatively speaking.
I love everyone, even Vice President Cheney. Though we've joked about it, I'm pretty sure the evidence suggests he's still a human being and that is sufficient for God's love, so who am I to judge? I sometimes think he's the devil but now we're just getting ridiculous. Or are we?...
Regarding the Christ in Christmas, happy birthday Jesus, I think, or is it really some other day? We might never know. unless you tell us.
Jesus was the man! if I am to believe the evidence, Jesus Christ was a superstar, forreal. He could turn water into wine! He could walk on water in a storm! He raised the dead. etc. etc. So he must be the Son of God and I must believe that and wait, rewind. Jesus preached the message of One Love, unity of humanity, even the lowliest. We're all family and we should live as such. not just around winter solstice but all the time.

I'm tired of the status quo, lets get together and figure something out.

There's a huge warehouse behind the Co-op for sale. Lets make it a recycling center. Lets have a worker owned business model and do it right. This sector of the economy should continue growing. There's going to be a flood of cathode ray tube t.v.s in the waste stream in the coming years, we should be ready to process them safely and effectively.

Lets stop being so focused on our own survival and do something together. That's what I really want to say.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others is a great movie. When I picked it up I thought it might be too dark, but for some reason I went ahead and rented it. I'd heard something about it on the radio, too.

At any rate, I highly recommend watching this movie.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I stand by Ralph Nader

did anyone watch Independent Lens on OPB (PBS) tonight?

It was the documentary on Ralph Nader my hero and role model.

They gave ample air time to the cry babies who blame Nader for costing the Democrats the White House in 00 and 04. But of course I'm not convinced. Two words: Greg Palast. Here's another great American who has documented election irregularities both in 00 and 04. Its all those sorry sorts who fail to imagine the possibilities, dismiss hope as unrealistic, settlers for lesser evils, who are the problem. All the sorry asses who secretly love Kucinich now but have pre-emptively quashed any hope, even their own, for no good reason at all, these are the problem with America. We need to stand on our convictions people. Don't settle for whoever the establishment picks for you. Do your homework and follow your heart. That's the only way to a better world.

Gore should've won a Nobel prize for folding an election that he actually won.

Speaking of Gore and his Nobel, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't he the US delegate who failed to sign Kyoto? Or was that something in Brazil? Don't get me wrong, I think its good that even at this late stage Gore has done much to raise the level of concern for global climate change, but Nader is the real hero and I challenge you to make me hear otherwise.

Monday, December 17, 2007

achmed the dead terrorist

This guy is pretty funny.

Thanks for the link Chris!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

another photo

beauty lives.

Kevin Martin and the FCC

Some of you might be aware that the FCC (actually the Republican majority on the FCC) is moving bullheadedly towards changing ownership rules to allow newspapers to own broadcast media. I believe the actual day is this Tues. Let me tell you, nothing raised my ire like seeing Chairman Martin sit there before a Congressional committee and brazenly stand for the media conglomerates in the face of overwhelming public opposition and outcry. See Bill Moyers Journal (must see tv I) this week.

I mean, there isn't even a pretense of acting on behalf of the People by this guy. Its so blatantly kowtowing to the corporations, right in the face of all those people who were suckered into thinking public hearings meant something. His decision was made up months in advance. The public hearings were window dressing, nothing more.

It reminded me of the city council meeting where overwhelming public testimony opposing the Witham Oaks development was dismissed wholesale, even by two Green party members. Something tells me the same thing will happen with the BLM and the decision to allow for more old growth logging. I'm sure its the same thing with the LNG plant approved for Coos Bay. Indeed, unless you are some big money, big time player/stakeholder in the decision, your voice doesn't amount to a pile of horse shit.

But that doesn't mean we should throw in the towel. It clearly demonstrates the necessity for greater organization and coordination among the forces for good. We have everything against us. The market economy provides a direct disincentive to work for the common good. You have to have an extraordinary level of self sacrifice and altruism to do what is right in today's world. But countless warriors we nevertheless are. Just dilute and dispersed among countless non-profits and ad hoc organizations. or paralyzed within traditional jobs, where quite often doing the right thing will get you fired in a heartbeat.

In Jerry Mander's Manifesto, he talks about powering down, consuming less in over-consuming countries, setting a level of sufficiency. I think he's right. And from Rev. Billy to the Story of Stuff to the NoShopChristmas idea floated by our own JoMo, I think the idea of disengaging from the teat of consumerism is gaining traction. It'll be interesting to see what the numbers are from this shopping season.

The Necessity

A poem from an email list I'm on. Thanks T&P!

The Necessity
Alice B. Fogel

It isn't true about the lambs.
They are not meek.
They are curious and wild,
full of the passion of spring.
They are lovable,
and they are not silent when hungry.

Tonight the last of the triplet lambs
is piercing the quiet with its need.
Its siblings are stronger
and will not let it eat.

I am its keeper, the farmer, its mother
I will go down to it in the dark,
in the cold barn,
and hold it in my arms.

But it will not lie still—it is not meek.

I will stand in the open doorway
under the weight of watching trees and moon,
and care for it as one of my own.

But it will not love me—it is not meek.

Drink, little one. Take what I can give you.
Tonight the whole world prowls
the perimeters of your life.

Your anger keeps you alive—
it's your only chance.
So I know what I must do
after I have fed you.

I will shape my mouth to the shape
of the sharpest words—
even those bred in silence.

I will impale with words every ear
pressed upon open air.
I will not be meek.

You remind me of the necessity
of having more hope than fear,
and of sounding out terrible names.

I am to cry out loud
like a hungry lamb, cry loud
enough to waken wolves in the night.

No one can be allowed to sleep.

baseball, steroids...not important

I really don't give a crap about ball players doping. That's cause I stopped caring about baseball and sports in general a few years ago. I mean, I'll still watch the beavs or the ducks even on tv occasionally, but ultimately, its not important. Back when I did care about sports, I always noticed a hollow feeling that came after my team won. Say it was some championship or something, it was a feeling of so what? is it really worth all the trouble to stand on top for a year, then do it all over again? Sports goes on and on and this year's champion might be next year's failure. people come and go and nothing really changes. And for every winner, there are countless losers. I don't like that. I didn't like investing so much emotion into something that wasn't even real. Its not like they're playing for land or freedom or to stop terrorism.

So MLB, dope it up, don't dope, I don't give a shit. You bore me and I look forward to the day when society focuses its attention and resources on things that really matter. like providing real security for everyone so that everyone can pursue their highest aspirations, so that everyone can fulfill their potential, not just an elite few.

I should add that as a youth I played a lot of sports. Basketball, football, ultimate frisbee, golf, mostly basketball and outdoor sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, bicycling and now surfing. Doing so gave me countless hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. Perhaps, its similar to the reason why I don't play with legos anymore either. You grow out of things, even though you loved them. Sports certainly have a place in society. I just think that like most things, pro sports is out of balance, relative to other more pressing issues.

I used to love watching the Olympics, but even that is kind of a joke. If your country lies on the equator and most of the people struggle to survive, is there really any chance a gold medal ski jumper will come out of your ranks? Its the rich countries telling the poor countries be like us! Compete with us! We're number 1! yay! give me a break. On the other hand, I know when a Kenyan wins a gold medal in the marathon or something its a huge deal. Just as when Korea co-hosted the World Cup the whole country was united in the streets, nothing to sneeze at.

I guess I shouldn't try to generalize. I just don't see why we need to be spending taxpayer dollars on an investigation into steroids and baseball when the Constitution is being shredded by the current executive.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Loose Change

Finally made it through this video.

Those crazy 9-11 conspiracy nuts are so crazy they actually make sense! I mean they're actually rational and ask valid questions! what is the world coming to?

The threshold, that's what. The threshold of Truth.

Watch this video and spread the word. We must move forward with eyes wide open, not with heads stuck in the sand.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Story of Stuff

Annie says it better.

Confession of a socialisto

I don't hate rich people. I don't hate corporations. I don't hate capitalism. And I certainly don't hate America. I believe in a mixed economy. Profit for innovation and efficiency and quality is the most powerful motivating force the world has ever known. And indeed it has allowed for the largest population the world has ever known. The question is simple, can we keep going the way we've been going, indefinitely? The answer is simple as well, if you think about it, no.

The news that venture capital is increasingly funding private security and fortresses as opposed to green technologies is disturbing, and a reinforcing of the classist state we live in (we never started this class war, is there any question that many rich people view poor people with disdain?)

but I digress,

I don't expect to convince a rich, white, conservative, establishment good ol boy that socialism is American. But it is. We've always had a mixed economy. Just sometimes it was more mixed than others. We fought and died for the 8 hour day, child labor laws, work safety laws, etc. The New Deal and the GI Bill are two examples of, essentially, the government helping people out. I'm not a historian, but I think the evidence is abundantly clear.

So where are we now? I believe the nation as a whole could be represented by an average citizen. Grossly obese, addicted, and overworked and in serious risk of cardiac arrest. So clearly, I don't believe capitalism as it has evolved can continue. We can't keep clearcutting virgin forests, we can't keep polluting the atmosphere, we can't keep exploiting cheap labor to sustain an illusory, consumerist lifestyle. we can't keep building fences and walls higher and higher. We can't keep bombing and taking over other countries to take their oil. Its wrong and its got to stop.

We're running out of resources. Oil primarily. I know how important it is. It is the lifeblood of this economy. But it can't keep on being the lifeblood of the economy. But more fundamentally, we're running out of clean air and water and clean anything, we're all vastly more synthetic than previous generations, a world of guinea pigs for the captains of consumption.

America should re-invest in its middle class to transform itself into a green utopia. We can be leaders in green technology and lifestyle, indeed many of us already are. But a transfer, re-distribution of wealth in this direction is a win win for all. Then America should stop and think about saying enough is enough. Our days of consumption driven hypnosis are over and the potential for creating peace is vast. Do something beautiful with your wealth. Immortalize your life by creating something everyone can enjoy and appreciate, a better world. Don't let your legacy be one of cold selfish craven evil. Anyone who doubts that its possible doesn't understand the miracle of being. We're here, we can do it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


we watched hairspray this weekend. I liked it. It was a fun musical with some serious and real parts. I want to see the original version. Is the music the same?

If you don't like this movie, you should loosen up. watch it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

thanksgiving in the bay

I should mention that some guy was there carefully balancing these rocks in amazing ways, as you can see. It was really a sight to see him doing it. What a beautiful and bizarre talent. Not really useful, but still wondrous to behold.

Oregon dunes

liberty and/or security

I've reached a conclusion in my own mind about this issue. In a nutshell, the issue of government surveillance and eavesdropping, torture, etc.

America is not a collection of individuals. In other words, America is more than the sum of its parts. Terrorists cannot threaten America with explosives, planes, nuCLEAR weapons, perse, except in the way terrorism has already changed America. Because of terrorists, liberties have been curtailed. That is a direct and profound erosion of America, the idea, the Great Experiment. Because of terrorists, we have an executive hell bent on getting more power for the executive, at least thats what they tell us right? Fine, I'll accept that, but do you accept that you are fundamentally changing America? That the extrapolation of the direction of your policies is nothing less than a return to monarchy?

Many people say it is a good thing. Its worth it to give up some liberties to ensure security. As I've stated before, I agree with Ben Franklin, 'those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither'.

The terrorists have imposed a regime of fear on us and we willingly accept. It is time for Americans to stand up and say, I am a warrior for freedom and liberty and democracy and if I fall victim to a terrorist attack, so be it, as long as America as we love it, the embodiment of those lofty ideals, continues to persist and evolve ever better.

People like John Yoo and Bush II clearly believe that a terrorist attack is the worst possible thing that could ever happen again. Its not. The worse thing is what has happened. They have succeeded in turning America into the Land of the little bit less Free. Home of the fearful and paranoid, selfish and cold.

I know there are people hell bent on murdering Americans. I don't doubt that one bit. As we've been reminded this week we have plenty of Americans hell bent on murdering Americans. I appreciate living in relative security, believe me. I don't even want to think about what life is like in Omaha, or Baghdad or Gaza right now. We've got it good here. But the way to secure ourselves is not to change our central characteristic. The very thing that made us great. The idea that all people are created equal and should be free to live their lives without the government watching their every move.

Of course I'm no expert on counter terrorism, but I just want to go on the record as saying that for me, its not the ultimate horror to go down in a terrorist attack. The ultimate horror is America turning into a police state. The ultimate terror is living a life of illusion, without the slightest fucking clue.

I love America. It is my home and I vow to defend its honor and integrity and its highest ideals in every way I can. Do not curb our liberties for a modicum of security. Do not torture in the name of my security. I won't allow it. Stop terrorism by rising above it, not stooping to its level. I know we can do it. I believe in the bureaucrats, the diplomats, the counterterrorism experts, the FBI agents, the CIA agents, the boots on the ground. I believe they are regular decent, hardworking people doing the best they can, despite a horrific failure of leadership. This president I don't believe for one second. Impeach them now and protect the Constitution by using what the Constitution prescribes for circumstances such as these.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bush caught lying again

I'd like to echo Mike Gravel's sentiment of gratitude and honor to the brave patriots who issued the National Intelligence Estimate which, as any rational human being can tell, effectively exposes George Bush II as exaggerating the threat posed by Iran. We don't need to be creating more external threats than actually exist. Especially when those in power are the actual threat to peace and justice happening anytime soon.

MR. MIKE GRAVEL: Iran's not a problem, never has been, never will be.

What you're seeing right here is something very unique, very courageous. What the intelligence community has done is drop-kicked the president of the United States. These are people of courage that have watched what the president is doing, onrush to war with Iran.

And so by releasing this information, which is diametrically opposed to the estimate that was given in '05 by showing that there is no information to warrant what the White House has been doing, they have now boxed in the president in his ability to go to war. So, my hat is off to these courageous people within the bureaucrats — bureaucracy of the intelligence community.