Thursday, December 13, 2007

Confession of a socialisto

I don't hate rich people. I don't hate corporations. I don't hate capitalism. And I certainly don't hate America. I believe in a mixed economy. Profit for innovation and efficiency and quality is the most powerful motivating force the world has ever known. And indeed it has allowed for the largest population the world has ever known. The question is simple, can we keep going the way we've been going, indefinitely? The answer is simple as well, if you think about it, no.

The news that venture capital is increasingly funding private security and fortresses as opposed to green technologies is disturbing, and a reinforcing of the classist state we live in (we never started this class war, is there any question that many rich people view poor people with disdain?)

but I digress,

I don't expect to convince a rich, white, conservative, establishment good ol boy that socialism is American. But it is. We've always had a mixed economy. Just sometimes it was more mixed than others. We fought and died for the 8 hour day, child labor laws, work safety laws, etc. The New Deal and the GI Bill are two examples of, essentially, the government helping people out. I'm not a historian, but I think the evidence is abundantly clear.

So where are we now? I believe the nation as a whole could be represented by an average citizen. Grossly obese, addicted, and overworked and in serious risk of cardiac arrest. So clearly, I don't believe capitalism as it has evolved can continue. We can't keep clearcutting virgin forests, we can't keep polluting the atmosphere, we can't keep exploiting cheap labor to sustain an illusory, consumerist lifestyle. we can't keep building fences and walls higher and higher. We can't keep bombing and taking over other countries to take their oil. Its wrong and its got to stop.

We're running out of resources. Oil primarily. I know how important it is. It is the lifeblood of this economy. But it can't keep on being the lifeblood of the economy. But more fundamentally, we're running out of clean air and water and clean anything, we're all vastly more synthetic than previous generations, a world of guinea pigs for the captains of consumption.

America should re-invest in its middle class to transform itself into a green utopia. We can be leaders in green technology and lifestyle, indeed many of us already are. But a transfer, re-distribution of wealth in this direction is a win win for all. Then America should stop and think about saying enough is enough. Our days of consumption driven hypnosis are over and the potential for creating peace is vast. Do something beautiful with your wealth. Immortalize your life by creating something everyone can enjoy and appreciate, a better world. Don't let your legacy be one of cold selfish craven evil. Anyone who doubts that its possible doesn't understand the miracle of being. We're here, we can do it.

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nina said...

i'm reading this book and the author says heaven on earth is not possible because of our survival instincts.

your words speak to a truth that shows this author's belief is not true. does not have to be true.

the concept is possible with awareness, intention and like action. we gotta keep writing about such thoughts until they have resonated with the masses as a whole.