Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fence down

Crank n yanker is gold!  Thank you BPF! Barbed wire rolled up.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Today I realized a dream I've had for over a year. Ever since going to Bayside Park Farm, I had my eye on this concrete bench. Its just like the ones in the skatepark, except this one has a broken foot.
I checked out the Tommy Gate website and their weakest model was capable of 1000 lbs. I did some rough math and figured this thing weighs 750 lbs. With some help from friends we slid it onto the tommy lift at an angle and that thing did its job! so now I have good weight on the rear wheels and a future skate ledge. Thanks BPF! But the dream is not complete until grindage occurs! gnar gnar
 ripples for miles

I picked up this huge tarp on the side of the road in Michigan. Its got a few clean cuts but mostly good!

evening stroll with HK

Thursday, October 22, 2015

put buckwheat seeds in the ground!

 Unusual helicopter carrying a bag (look close!)
 Dug up some nice looking topsoil around the dead tree with buried fencing, where the driveway will be so topsoil will have to be scraped off eventually.  Drove the soil out to the field and spread it out in a row. sprinkled buckwheat generously. sprinkled some in the pasture as well, continuing the line. hope to grow more seed
 resident great blue heron.

rain on sunday for four days! won't be driving down for awhile.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here we go!

 A new chapter begins in our lives. We purchased a newly subdivided 3.45 acre lot in Humboldt County. I took this photo after the subsequent photos as you might tell from the weather.
looking back from the lot up the future driveway. I hope we can save that pear tree.
 looking south west
looking north west
 looking east from western edge (cows not included)
looking east from the north west corner
so its been a few days now and I got some free pallets and dropped them off the other day. As I unloaded them it started to rain lightly. That bit of moisture prevented the truck from having enough traction to make it back up to the road. So luckily today it dried out and after going to the dmv to register the truck (after I forgot about the appointment I made) I made this rickety camper shell stand. and shed the camper and drove up the slope. We need a driveway. Still waiting for plans to submit to the county. So ya, my life has become very busy after being not very busy for awhile.