Monday, November 09, 2015


 beautiful stormy skies the other day
one of the resident bucks
we harvested rainwater!
 i'm still sore from moving all that rock. ugh
the buckwheat rises!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Plot plan submitted

Hang on tight! This ride is now departing. Pre-site inspection tomorrow morning.

The neighbors cleared out their old fence and are getting ready to put in a new one along the entire (shared) property line.

Saw some friends passing through town and had a nice visit.

I guess I missed a few days. What a whirlwind of activity. In the meantime, I've managed to get 9 bulbs of garlic in the ground, broken up into individual cloves, of course. a bunch of cover crop broadcast and lightly raked, and rained on! that worked out nice. I scavenged three truck loads of broken up concrete to use as fill and base for natural building projects such as cob oven. pruned the trees, but not completely. just enough to get the truck by the tree on the east side. scrounged 10 free tarps from the lumber yard. 9 were lumber wraps, which aren't really substantial but one was an actual grommeted tarp! Apparently there is a constant stream of these lumber wraps getting tossed out in the trash. Also found out that the Millyard does trusses, so I might have to get that done soon.

Oh, took the truck to a diesel mechanic in Eureka, its got at least 1200$ worth of issues, but is still running ok. I put in 5 gal of "soy release agent" which is how Renner's sells B100 biodiesel, into a separate container, which I poured (laboriously) into the tank. Something about California road and or fuel tax...I think the truck likes it. It was cold last night but this morning she fired right up without the recently encountered hard starting in the morning. Looked up doing ball joints on youtube. It seems totally doable.