Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm leaving on a jet plane today.

Big up to all the people alive on planet Earth right now. Wow! Here we all are, living to see another day and live and exist and struggle and survive and yes, enjoy! Some of us have received a lot of loot, and others not so much, but we're all here and its a miracle to be alive and well in the early 21st century in proto-fascist America.
One Love to the people of Earth!
Lets get together and feel alright.
The people united is what we need.
Imagine no countries, it isn't hard to do.
We're all family and loved ones, the killing must stop.
Peace on Earth and goodwill toward All
What do these words mean? We hear them year after year but honestly, lets try and be objective about this, is there any more Peace on Earth now than before? C'mon people.
If we really want Peace on Earth and if we have real Goodwill to all, then things have got to change. We can't keep doing what we've been doing. Sacrifices will probably be necessary. But as I've learned this year, its not the end of the world to wake up alone on Christmas morning and not have any tree or gifts or decorations or anything of significance at all, except the abundant life I already enjoy, of course. relatively speaking.
I love everyone, even Vice President Cheney. Though we've joked about it, I'm pretty sure the evidence suggests he's still a human being and that is sufficient for God's love, so who am I to judge? I sometimes think he's the devil but now we're just getting ridiculous. Or are we?...
Regarding the Christ in Christmas, happy birthday Jesus, I think, or is it really some other day? We might never know. unless you tell us.
Jesus was the man! if I am to believe the evidence, Jesus Christ was a superstar, forreal. He could turn water into wine! He could walk on water in a storm! He raised the dead. etc. etc. So he must be the Son of God and I must believe that and wait, rewind. Jesus preached the message of One Love, unity of humanity, even the lowliest. We're all family and we should live as such. not just around winter solstice but all the time.

I'm tired of the status quo, lets get together and figure something out.

There's a huge warehouse behind the Co-op for sale. Lets make it a recycling center. Lets have a worker owned business model and do it right. This sector of the economy should continue growing. There's going to be a flood of cathode ray tube t.v.s in the waste stream in the coming years, we should be ready to process them safely and effectively.

Lets stop being so focused on our own survival and do something together. That's what I really want to say.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Hyundo said...

timmy nam from Glendale?

Is this you, all hippied out in Oregon?

If it's you... this is Henry Kim ... yes, the one and only...

give me a hoot if it is...



74 said...

Hello Tim, you left a comment on my blog last month about the WTC building collapses. Sorry it took so long, but I have a response here:


My apologies for the snarkiness (I did try to tone it down,) but it is something of a sore spot after so many people have tried to "enlighten" me about this issue.

tkn said...

Thanks for the comment Hyundo! Great to see you're still alive. Everytime they show dead soldiers on the Newshour I fear seeing your face. Are you still in the Marines?

74, I read your response and this is a far as I'll go in responding to it. Clearly, you refuse to investigate for yourself what the evidence is, for whatever reason. because if you had, you wouldn't have posted that ridiculous posting. On second thought, I will say one thing. Sure, an adequately fueled fire at atmospheric pressure can melt steel as you depict in those ancient pictures (is that boat steel or cast iron?) but let me ask you this, Why would melting steel cause the building to collapse in 10 seconds AS IF it had been a controlled demolition? Why did the towers collapse from the bottom up? That is to say, the top fell freefall without any interference from lower floors, the bottom was cut out first. just like a controlled demolition.

not to mention the pools of molten metal in the basement for weeks after (could fire get steel THAT hot?) the squibs witnessed, the pre-collapse explosions that were widely witnessed and reported, etc.