Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I stand by Ralph Nader

did anyone watch Independent Lens on OPB (PBS) tonight?

It was the documentary on Ralph Nader my hero and role model.

They gave ample air time to the cry babies who blame Nader for costing the Democrats the White House in 00 and 04. But of course I'm not convinced. Two words: Greg Palast. Here's another great American who has documented election irregularities both in 00 and 04. Its all those sorry sorts who fail to imagine the possibilities, dismiss hope as unrealistic, settlers for lesser evils, who are the problem. All the sorry asses who secretly love Kucinich now but have pre-emptively quashed any hope, even their own, for no good reason at all, these are the problem with America. We need to stand on our convictions people. Don't settle for whoever the establishment picks for you. Do your homework and follow your heart. That's the only way to a better world.

Gore should've won a Nobel prize for folding an election that he actually won.

Speaking of Gore and his Nobel, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't he the US delegate who failed to sign Kyoto? Or was that something in Brazil? Don't get me wrong, I think its good that even at this late stage Gore has done much to raise the level of concern for global climate change, but Nader is the real hero and I challenge you to make me hear otherwise.

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nina said...

darnit, i wanted to watch that! i made a mental note when i saw it advertise, but obvious that note got lost somewhere.

i soooooo agree with you about the people who blame nader for being a spoiler. i voted for him. why? as you said--i vote for who I WANT, now who i THINK has a chance of winning. as you said, it's about standing by your convictions. isn't that what voting is supposed to be about? casting a mark next to the individual you wish to see elected?

yes--kucinich would receive a lot more attention and votes if those who really support him would actually vote for him instead of the other "more electable" candidate.

speaking of carbon emissions and global warming, i saw a report that was released recently (on david icke's website i believe) that states the sun is causing the planet to heat up. i've seen several such reports. i also recall seeing something on PBS earlier this year about global warming. they were interviewing scientists who had been part of the international governmental panel of scientists who said global warming was human caused. these particular scientists being interviewed by PBS though didn't agree with their colleagues and were asked to step down as a result.

who knows. all of that pollution coming out of our vehicles and big business' overuse of lights isn't healthy. we have a mess that needs cleaned up. i'm just not so sure if cleaning up our mess is going to stop this climatic cycle we're undergoing. i'm more inclined to think the sun has much more of a role in this than many think and human activity is simply speeding up the process.