Sunday, April 16, 2006

an analogy

having been exposed to some old notions of life and death this easter sunday (jesus christ died for our sins and whatnot) I'm compelled to express my belief about life. We are like a raindrop in the hydrological cycle. From the ocean of our source, we become unique individuals for a brief moment in time, until we return to our source. I'm sure this isn't an original thought, but I've never been good at quoting and sourcing. But I think that's what's going on here and I really don't see what believing one thing or another about jesus has to do with my everyday life. Or perhaps I take that back. Rather than believe that jesus is the son of god and died for our sins, I believe that jesus was an extraordinary example of a human being and I believe that asking myself the question wwjd? and trying to follow his example whenever faced with a tough decision is a good way to live.

The analogy can be expanded to suggest that a raindrop's instinct is to return to it's source and on its way finds itself joining with other drops in the form of streams. Likewise, our instinct is to find our source, our reason for being, and on our way we join with others heading in the same direction, with whom we feel comfortable and agreeable. I guess this is where the analogy breaks down, because I also see diverse and divergent streams of human movement where one stream believes itself to be superior to others and by employing the strategy of dominance diminishes and subjugates others.


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