Sunday, July 16, 2006

renewable energy

I’m against nuclear energy. I’m against creating hazards that last for many millennia and that require the most advanced technologies to manage. I think there are other, safer ways to create energy. Take solar energy for example. People say solar isn’t worth it in Oregon. I say it is. The more we invest in solar energy here, the closer we are to becoming net exporters of energy. Don’t think about the rain in the winter, that’s what micro hydro power is about, think about all the sun in the summer. We get a fair share, believe me. Right now, we just use it to heat up our roofs, making us get air conditioning and use more energy. We’re wasting a valuable resource, the light from the sun, by leaving our rooftops bare.

To be sure, it is a significant investment, especially for a single household, but we’re investing in so much more than electrical power. An investment in renewable energy supports the natural world, homeland security, the local economy, the health of citizens, and of course, manufacturers of renewable energy technologies, a business we should think about getting going here. The ONLY harm it causes is to the big power producers, the giants, the titans of industry, and don’t you think they have enough already? And don’t bring up the stockholders, unless we do an actual head count of all the people vs. all the people who own shares in Megagiantconglomerate money sucking corporation.

Am I wrong?

It’s not like we’re saying everyone should own a Cadillac power supply. Its more like saying everyone should own a pickup truck that gets the gas milage of a Toyota prius. Something useful and efficient. And if that takes public support at this time, then the side benefits make it worth it.

Well money’s tight, I understand. Especially with all the sacrificing we’ve been doing to support our men and women overseas. If we want our troops home, we should tell the government/military/industrial complex that we don’t need cheap oil. We should cut demand. All antiwar people should start synchronizing and systematically reducing petroleum consumption. Ride a bike to save the life of an American GI.


crallspace said...


Solar energy is something I will consider for our home, when and if we get one.

The main reason I bicycle is a silent boycott of oil... that silence is turning into vocalization these days.

yelling_at_the_radio said...

Excellent Points! I could not agree more. I hope to someday put solar panels on my home. Right now just doing little things like shutting off lights and turning the heat down. I now those are just little things but you have to start somewhere.