Monday, August 21, 2006

report to wrench about the forum

The first ever Corvallis Open Forum was a success, thanks in large part to members of wrench. Thanks for showing up and speaking.

Granted, the numbers were small (~15), but people were respectful and it wasn't boring. We will be there again this coming Sat. from 1-2, possibly longer. (Riverfront Park close to the fountain. We are asking the parks department for permission to move to a shadier spot.)

So here's my synopsis.

I spoke first, about why the forum, what I'm curious about, that kind of thing. Dan was next with a heartfelt rendition of a dreadfully sorrowful tune on the accordian. Then people started expressing their political views and after the lone republican spoke, a back-and-forth happened, between the republican and everyone else. In other words, mr. republican sustained a barrage of questions from the crowd and deflected them by reason of not having enough time.

Which reminds me, for those who were there, but didn't fill out a questionaire, is three minutes good, too long or too short? Any other suggestions, comments?

Anyways, I don't know if I can make it for pizza and beer this week, but I'll try if its on.



crallspace said...

I suggest a 4 min limit! Think of the times that we were just getting it good when the damn time was up! Especially with the former Republican, and even the lone Republican a time or two.

crallspace said...

Update! Write about the jam!

krazies said...

i know nothing of this unfortunately (i really should learn more about what's going on in the political world), but knowing (now for sure) that you drink, i think i'll send you a bottle of wine. i've been thinking about it, but not knowing sure at the time whether you consumed anything alcohol related or not (though i suspected that it might be the case), i thought it better that i i guess i won't have to. by the bye, if you're not sure who this is, it's your cousin down in wine country, i don't use blogger anymore (i'm surprised i can still sign on to this thing considering my last blog was back in 2004) but now that i know you're on this site, i'll probably frequent your blogs more often and drop comments on occassion. hope you're doing well, and to see you and your wife some time during the holiday seasons if you're coming down south.



Anonymous said...

more blogging!