Thursday, August 23, 2007

the way forward

whats it going to be?
so many viewpoints
so many conflicting 'facts'
whats a person to do?
one knows how different things could be
one knows how much better things could be
but things just stay the same
things just get worse
endless war and poverty
climate destabilization
whats a person to do?
wage peace they say
i think i do
but is it enough?
write to representatives
i do but apparently our numbers are too few to make a difference
so whats it going to be?
the way forward


nina said...

i keep having this pressing feeling that we need to gather at the local level and change how we live. create small pods of communities that are self-sustaining. why? i don't know--it's just a feeling i've carried for a few years and it continues to increase. maybe because of a crumbling dollar. a failing infrastructure. or perhaps because of war. (china and russia just began war games this week--both p'd off with america in the battle for oil, amongst other things. i had a dream 3 years ago--as did two other women around the globe i magically connected with--about a china/russia invasion.)

changing things at the top takes too long and seems to be a losing battle. our reps aren't listening to us and those that are face big resistance in d.c.

honestly, i see this country--this system--crumbling, piece by piece--financially, with our infrastructure, even as citizens emotionally and mentally. HOW WE LIVE IS NOT WORKING. let's stop waiting for the feds and state gov't to fix things and instead, create out own way of being and living and existing. i am SO ready for something like this to happen.

i read a piece about las vegas' water supply--been reading about that region's water problems for a few years now--the fear of "water wars" over water supplies from the colorado river. city officials have just said unless something is done immediately, the city will be out of water by 2010. THREE YEARS.

good piece, btw. editorializing through poetry. i like that.

david nam said...

free verse poetry - a good medium to explore various subject matters aside from the cliche themes of love and unrequited love.

wonderfully written, tim, not just for the format, but more for the content.

as to what to doesn't matter what i matters what i do...and you know what it is that i do...or rather, don't.