Saturday, June 21, 2008

my comment to the Mclaughlin Group

If you watched TMG last night, you might get what I'm saying here.

Ms. Crowley, nature is resilient, but ecosystems are in decline world wide. Species are threatened like never before. Like Eleanor said, these are our life support systems, technology can't come close to providing their services. ANWR is one of the last remaining pristine jewels of wilderness and hardly worth another year's supply of dope for a nation of fiends. The president said it himself, that we're addicted.

And Mr. Mclaughin and others, 0.01% is a huge amount when talking about impact on an ecosystem. Would you dismiss as insignificant a loss of 0.01% of your bowel control or brain power? And lets be real, I own 0.25 acres, I don't own 2000 acres, but I know what a large chunk of land that is. I'm telling you its not worth it.

Thanks for a great show. It just gets kind of old to continue to have to hear conservative arguments as if they have any credibility left.


Beto said...

man! you`re like the todos tus muertos guitar player, called "gamexane" seach for that! see ya

crallspace said...

The supply will run out and won't lower prices. Too many people seem to think that we'll drop back to $2 a gallon gas and all will be well, just drill in Alaska! Trust the oil companies again, forget the past! All I know is I am tired of paying too much for gas!

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Left or right, neither side (politically speaking) is doing a thing to address the damage we (mostly big business) are doing to our earth home. As I keep saying, it's the same coin, just different sides. There's a movement called Kick Them All Out. The mission, to fire congress, clean house and elect people who believe in a government of, for and by the people. We need to take it one step further, create something like The Will of the People, which in part says if at any time one of said congressional reps. lets themselves be influenced by big biz/special interest groups in a way that supercedes the will of his/her constituents, you're fired and replaced. Period. End of story.

crallspace said...