Friday, February 20, 2009

KEZI 9's digital signal

Okay, I'm wondering how many other people out there don't get KEZI anymore since they've gone digital. We live in Corvallis and we have the digital converter box with our old rabbit ears and though the OPB signal is pretty good (not perfect by anymeans) the KEZI one is unacceptable and unwatchable, whereas previously the KEZI analog signal was second only to OPB and quite watchable. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I mean part of me feels like, good riddance, but the other part is mad because, well, I'm cut off from ABC, I guess. Yeah, I know, big loss, big whoopee. But ultimately I'm a citizen cut off from one of the few remaining media conglomerates. My options have narrowed. Its not that I'll miss KEZI all that much, its that I'm getting screwed by dtv, something I never asked for and feel it was shoved down my throat. I'm sure come June 12 we will lose KVAL (CBS) and whatever the NBC affiliate out of Eugene is, as well as Fox. Oh well...


Tom H. said...

Did you rescan for channels since you lost KEZI? Absolutely essential! Did you adjust your antenna position, angles, pole extension length & direction, etc. while looking at the response of the signal strength meter, trying to find the position that would produce the highest reading there? Did you try a different location in the house? Is your antenna both a VHF and UHF antenna? Is the cable between the antenna and box as short as possible? All these things are important. If you've done all of them, a better antenna will probably do the trick.

tkn said...

Thanks for your comment Tom.

I'm happy to say that we were able to get a good signal from KEZI 9, by adjusting the position of the antenna (old rabbit ears).

I guess I thought the rabbit ears were strictly for the analog and didn't really affect the digital...I was wrong.

Well, maybe dtv won't be so bad. I'm hoping it will allow for more local programming to become available.