Tuesday, May 08, 2007

nina's questions for all

my blogging buddy nina posed the following questions

1) what kind of a world do you wish to see?
2) what kind of a government do you wish to see?
3) what do you value?
4) what would you like to see change?
5) what steps are you willing to take to make these changes?
6) what are you willing to risk (if anything)?

i'm going to attempt an abbreviated version, but these are some serious questions. essential questions that everyone needs to establish for themselves in a democracy.

1) i wish to see a world where people learn to live together so beautifully and interactively that population centers actually grow more dense and natural ecosystems are restored. i wish for the world to begin to purify itself and process centuries of waste. i wish to see a world where most people don't suffer most of the time. i wish for a great awakening event which starts a new era for humanity, one of untold possibilities.

2)i wish to see a government that does what its supposed to do. that is, protect the people and the environment, provide for education, food and housing, transportation and create a situation where everyone can be who they are, divine creations in the universe.

3)i value good food. thoughtful arguments. i value peace, joy and love, understanding, hope, patience, quality, beauty, nature, people, diversity, logic and reason as well as emotion. i value the almighty dollar for what it is, the means of exchange in our society, but i also value our local currency, the hour. i value truth, justice and liberty, fairness, kindness and honesty.
theres more, but i'll move on.

4)the change i would like to see is a revolt against isolation by a reconvergence. i would like to see people just gather, like the be-ins of the late 60s. the change i would like to see is a crash in the stock market but ordinary people living fine. the change i would like to see is replacing the profit motive in capitalism with sustainability. the change i would like to see is working people organizing and demanding their fair share and making food shelter and clothing, health care and education universal human rights. i want to see the culture of money and power grabbing suddenly stop and become one of generosity and giving.

5)i'm willing to take any steps necessary to make these changes, but it won't happen because of one person, it seems like an all or nothing situation. but i'm willing to take any steps, honestly, that don't jepoardize my job, or my relationship with my wife. yes, i am a slave to the system. which leads into

6)yes, i don't think i want to risk my job or my wife for any social change. i would hope that my job and my family would encourage me to do something for change and they do, but in the event that it was one or the other, the argument would have to be pretty darn convincing.

great questions nina, i'm going to post this on my blog.

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