Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The war is all about oil and profit for 21st century kings and queens

Well, they finally made it explicit. They finally "admitted" the generally understood reason for being there. My question to you family, is are you willing to sit quietly while the government sacrifices American lives for your petroleum addiction? My answer is clearly no. We must make this point known. Now is a time to raise our voices. Please read this article and help put an end to the American war machine once and for all.


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Kucinich Reveals Dem Funding Bill Includes Privatization of Iraq Oil & Carte Blanche to Invade Iran By June Caldwell, American Chronicle, May 6, 2007 http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=26308
In a meeting with the West Los Angeles Democratic Club on Saturday, May 5, Presidential candidate and Ohio Congress Representative Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Democrats in Congress had made some secret concessions to the Republicans in the initial Bill to continue funding the Iraq War that was vetoed, and in a subsequent version that is currently being negotiated. They include:
>Privatization of Iraq's Oil – in the original Bill, but not shared with the public. A rule was created that said this clause could not be removed during debate on House floor.
>Bush could invade Iran without approval of Congress. A clause that would require him to get approval from Congress first was removed.
>Timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq to be removed from Bill (in post-veto version).
The clause that Iraq must privatize ownership of its oil was in the original Bill presented by Congress, although it was not mentioned publicly. It was stated as a benchmark to be met by Iraq, and if it was not met, the US would withdraw troops and refuse to offer peacekeeping troops to help rebuild the country. That means the Iraqis would not own their own oil, but instead International oil companies, primarily US oil companies, would instead divide ownership of the oil.
This seems to reaffirm the worst possible scenario that the war in Iraq not only was built upon lies, but was solely for the purpose of destroying their country so the big US oil companies can own their oil. These same oil companies are still resolute about keeping the oil prices high at the pumps for US citizens (while refraining refinery capacity), so that they alone retain record-breaking profits. Kucinich explained he requested on the Congress floor that clause be removed from the Bill, and was finally assured it would be. He found it was not, and again demanded it be removed, and was then accused of 'not being a loyal Democrat'.
Kucinich went on to explain that last November, the citizens of the US voted for a 'change of direction in Iraq' but as of yet have only gotten a bait and switch.

Tim Kijoo Nam
Corvallis, OR
"We are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live." -Socrates

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