Monday, April 30, 2007


happy may day! thanks to everyone who made may day happen again this year! it seems like there is a lot of change happening with may day, but i feel like at its core, its really all about one love and thats what im about, so carry on party people!

and happy may day to all the noble workers of the world! I salute you brothers and sisters of the hard work for least pay. We do the work where the rubber meets the road. Without us, nothing happens, all you have are rich people sitting in banks and architects drawing lines on paper. Without us, things don't get put together into products, without us places go to shit! literally!

Speaking of workers, I went for a bike ride yesterday and had my walkman radio on and i heard this guy rick steves, who does travel shows for pbs, on the radio interviewing another guy, advocating for more vacation time. "what is the economy for?" he asks. i'm going to link to their page. he wrote a book called affluenza, i think. John Degraf is his name,

the forum went well. much better than the drizzly previous week. it started out slow, but picked up momentum as people spoke. I have to miss next weeks, though. The JATC has a mandatory seminar up in Salem.

life goes on


nina said...

here's an interesting fact (in case you weren't aware): the united states is the only industrialized nation on the planet that does not mandate vacation time for employees.

i remember celebrating may day as a little girl. i would pick flowers and deliver them in little paper-made baskets to the neighbors. i remember ringing the doorbell, then running away, giggling. good memories. :)

nina said...

ps~i checked out the website. what a COOL site! their ideas are right on!

Spiritbear said...

I was at the Forum but got there very late and had to leave early because my wife needed to find a restroom. I heard you speak. We were on the one side. I was the big guy with the blonde hair and glasses. My wife has the red curly hair. I am going to keep going, She may not.

I thought I would take it in before speaking. I meant to introduce myself to you and to the others (Dan Crall, and anyone else). I seriously apologize if that was rude. I will hang out more next time around. May not be thie weekend because I may have to work. Dont know yet

I really found your point about people having the power to do more but being ignorant of it extremely right on.

tkn said...

oh, sorry to have missed you spiritbear! its great that you checked it out! that wasn't rude, and i hope to meet you soon. and thanks for agreeing with me!