Monday, April 23, 2007


Liberty is the combination of freedom and responsibility. Alone, freedom allows people to harm each other for their own gain. Only when you join freedom to right action do you produce a just society. Without justice, freedom is worthless. To understand that you are not alone is the first step on the path. Either we are all in this together, or we're not.

I just came upon this blog which had the above as the subtitle, or about the blog part. brilliant.


nina said...

i once read a defintion of freedom that i particularly liked. freedom is the right to do, say, think or consume whatever one wishes in so long as that choice does not interfere with another's right to enjoy the same freedom. essentially it is freedom of choice coupled with responsibility--or perhaps thoughtfulness is a softer word. i'll hafta check out that website.

crallspace said...

Freedom's meaning has been twisted. I can't even define it across the board.