Friday, April 13, 2007

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

When I saw Kurt Vonnegut awhile back on NOW (the weekly PBS show I consider must see tv) he didn't seem well. He was very skeptical of our chances as a species to get our act together which made me want to try even more. I have yet to read his latest book, Man Without a Country, but hope to soon.

Kurt Vonnegut's writing changed me for the better. I'm still grateful to Ms. Martinez, my 10th grade English teacher, who included his book Cat's Cradle in a reading list for us to choose from. Somehow I chose that book and it opened my eyes to a greater vision of the world, how it is and how it can be. His writing was so creative and different that it suggested new possibilities to me. For a few years after that, he was the only author I read. I consumed his books voraciously though I fell short of reading all of them.

Now Kurt Vonnegut's spirit has returned to the Source and though just a humble fan, I will miss him. Thank you Mr. Vonnegut for opening my eyes and my mind.

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crallspace said...

If you have a chance, check out MAN W/OUT a COUNTRY. A great read!

RIP, dear Kurt.