Wednesday, September 19, 2007

email to rep. hooley

Dear Congresswoman Hooley,

I was not there to greet you when you stopped by to speak about the Willamette, but I wanted to be. Perhaps next time.

I'm writing today to express to you my outrage at the Blackwater situation in Iraq and the privatization of the military in general. I don't think private firms should receive no-bid government contracts and be able to act above any law.

The fact that we have devolved to the point of having mercenary forces suggests yet another parallel to the fall of Rome.

Please do what you can to bring Blackwater criminals to justice and end the practice of hiring mercenary forces.

Thank you for your sincere efforts on behalf of the people of the 5th district of Oregon.


crallspace said...

This will likely be the look on her face when and if she reads the email.

But either way, I think it's a great, succinct message, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Howl #2 said...

I was taught that on the hawk side of international relations there are three sides to conflict: military, diplomatic and other. Military is the Army/Marines/Navy, defense intelligence, JAG, NSA etc., diplomatic is the State Dept. and public profit NGOs. Finally CIA and blackwater are in the "other" category.

The problem with this tertiary category is that operations and logistics jurisdictions are nebulous and hence any Iraqi, American military or State Dept. prosecutions which may take place as a result of criminal actions or conspiracies by civilians foreign or domestic may go unrecognized by the host country's court of law.

Aside from U.S. personnel-to-foreign personnel kickbacks I can't figure out why the State Dept. would hire foreign mercenaries to protect Iraqi politicians and American officials when there are plenty of native fighters, ex-Iraqi soldiers and militiamen to do that job. It must have something to do with no-bid contracts and keeping all the money and resources locked up just outside Iraq's borders so the Iraqis can't control their own destinys and financial futures. It is like here in the United States with the monopolistic corporations running our newsprint medias, the TV stations and the Windows operating system.