Sunday, September 16, 2007

return of the rain

yes, it seems that summer is over. we've been 'treated' to a fairly intense downpour this evening.

a few notes on junk pop culture.

wife and i went to see Dragon Wars. we went because its the first major motion picture to be released in America that was directed by a Korean director. man what a let down. this was one of the worst movies i've ever seen, which, granted isn't saying much because i haven't seen many movies in general, but it was bad. it was embarrassing. filled with bad acting, a joke of a plot and script, excessive violence and just bad, bad decisions throughout. it was like a really bad b movie, with crazy computer graphics. that was the only good thing about it.

yes, i'll admit, we've been watching the emmys tonight and if you didn't catch it, Sally Field won an award and during her thank you speech, she railed against the war, at which point, Fox promptly censored her.

Colbert and Stewart did a great segment, as only they can do, on the wastefulness of the emmys.

Saturday's forum was good. we went past 1:00 and there were a couple great musical acts which was a nice change, in addition to new speakers. a woman said she would be heading over to the stadium later (during the beaver game) to demonstrate for impeachment. so around 3:30 i headed down there with my guitar to try to find them and just hang out and maybe play some tunes. i didn't see them so started riding back down to the riverfront to try to find people to jam with. i didn't get very far as i came across a man named mike who was collecting cans and bottles, who saw my guitar and practically begged me to play it. i obliged and had a beer with him and his friends. it turns out he recently had his guitar stolen and had a serious jones just to play some licks. he is really good and played some great music. i thought of my old guitar collecting dust and decided to kick it down to mike. why not? so after playing a few tunes and letting his friends all play a little bit, i went home and got the old 'conqueror' (of fingertips) and rode back down and jammed a little more. mike has serious chops, but his buddy greg could hold down pretty good too. he played some blues while i tried soloing a little, which was fun. their other buddy dennis was great too, man i wish i knew how to play 'war pigs' because he had the vocals down pat. turns out dennis was the man who was shot by a low life frat boy whilst dumpster diving. furthermore, dennis is suing the little prick (or the frat?) for $2.7 M! I sure hope he wins and gets a break from living on the streets or wherever.

well, its back to work tomorrow. yippee skippy, as my old boss used to say.


crallspace said...

No mention of the big prick who showed up?

I will avoid Dragon Wars- thanks for the heads up.

As for the rain, I am happy to see it back around. Hopefully though not on moving day.

Alright, back to packin.

nina said...

wow. i hope dennis gets something from the little bastard. that whole thing was very upsetting.

i love the rain. i can start to breathe again.

want to put another "avoid at all cost" movie on your list? 10 items or less. every couple of minutes i kept thinking "isn't this over yet?" one of those times i hit the fast-forward button a lot. and apocalypto--slow moving and way too much gore. a lot like his passion of the christ movie in that regard. i don't like gore unless it's intentionally over-done like it is in the jason, michael and freddy-type movies.

i heard something about sally fields making some speech at the emmy's--wow--didn't realize it was to rant against the war. good for her. ala michael moore...