Tuesday, November 06, 2007

evolution and God

Somebody explain to me how believing in evolution has any real bearing on the mystery of god/God. Once you get past the shallow, literal biblical crap, understanding the concept of the evolutionary process does not infringe on the greatness of it all. It doesn't lessen the overwhelming bewilderment of it all. It doesn't make the intricate complexities of matter and energy, which is to say, energy and energy, of what is really going on here, life: human, thinking, aware life, any less miraculous or wonderful to behold.

Evolution can very much be thought of as the hand of god/God at work.

Whats the big deal?

How does my belief in this matter affect my compassion for my fellow life forms? Or put another way, what matters is my compassion for fellow life forms, not my specific and narrowly defined (and no doubt limited in scope and accuracy) mechanism of how these life forms came to be.

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nina said...

years ago someone said to me that the idea(s) of god and evolution can co-exist. that comment validated what i had already thought but was too afraid to speak. lately i've had more of a nagging desire to understand god--or whatever it is we are all a part of. i had a wild experience last night. i dance for meditation and exercise, mostly for fun--and i closed my eyes and reached upwards and it was like i felt this vortex opening up--like the piercing of the veil that is discussed. it was there for a moment and then it was gone. it was so beautiful and cool--i wept for a few moments.

i watched a movie last night and one of the lines went something like this: without compassion, there is no peace. what is compassion? empathy? understanding? acceptance?

maybe compassion and peace are like evolution and god--one cannot exist without the other. or maybe i'm making no sense. i've been staring at pics of china patterns for over an hour trying to determine my latest finds and i'm buggy.