Sunday, November 11, 2007

wood stove rockin and rollin

In what may yet turn out to be a rash decision, we've gone ahead and had a wood stove installed. It wasn't cheap, which is why I say it may have been a rash decision. But I think it was worth it. Our house has never been this toasty before. If we ever get around to insulating the walls, this place will be very energy efficient. Our old gas furnace was noisy, smelly, and it burned gas from the gas company. Now our gas bills will be much lower and our heating will at least be carbon neutral.

A great resource for wood burners, Burning wood is better only if we do it right, that is, have hot fires that don't produce smoke. Its more efficient, less polluting, and safer because no smoke means no creosote in your chimney, which means less likely chimney fires.


crallspace said...

Woodstoves are great to have... we actually just bought a space heater for our bedroom since the stove doesn't quite reach.

tkn said...

It is really a way of being energy independent, which is liberating and empowering. Power outage? We can at least stay warm and even cook.

however, One thought I've been struggling with is whether wood heat is sustainable. I know it is on a small scale, but it most certainly isn't on a large scale.