Saturday, May 17, 2008

military intervention in Burma

A speaker at today's forum mentioned that he would support military intervention (under the UN) in Burma (Myanmar). I have to say I was unable to disagree with him at the outset. However, given the current administration's gross incompetence at prosecuting military regime change, I began to wonder. The UN is not powerful enough to pull this off and I'm sure China would have a fit, perhaps escalating the situation.

However, it is a whopper of a moral decision. Is there a time and place for just military regime toppling, is there such a thing as justice when invading another part of the earth? When the military junta of Myanmar refuses to allow international assistance for its own people, and taking into account the recent crackdown on pro-democracy, pro-liberty demonstrations, would taking the junta out at this time be an appropriate decision?

The US has been toppling regimes for quite some time now. Iraq is only the most recent bloody and horrifically and criminally bungled example. Usually, however, the US topples democratically elected socialists and installs a right wing capitalist dictator friendly to US/global business interests (the captains of capital). The military junta controlling Burma is friendly to business interests. They're exploiting their country for their personal gain. It should come as no surprise that the fascists in charge of our country will not try to bring freedom and democracy to another country ruled by fascists.

What do you think?


Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

How about funding and sending supplies to private groups in the region to help out the people? Sort of what happened after Katrina--private citizens and organizations, after seeing the government's failed response, began helping out the people in need (many of whom are STILL in need) instead.

I don't trust any intention for support coming from the U.N., the states or any of the states allies. There would be strings attached and highly unlikely such assistance coming about peacefully w/o military intervention which would result in even more chaos.

It's a struggle morally for sure.

Ted Turner and Donald Trump have billions between them. They have private planes. Any reason they could not get permission to fly over the region (disguised as tourists or journalists) and dump off supplies they themselves have purchased and/or had donated??

tkn said...

According to the speaker, there are large ships loaded with aid, and the junta is not allowing them to dock and unload.