Friday, May 02, 2008

Whats the deal with OPB?

Why did OPB all of a sudden turn into a non-stop propaganda machine for the US Navy? I've been watching pieces of Carrier, a mini-series about life aboard the USS Nimitz, and though it attempts to show the diversity of viewpoints on the ship, it ultimately glorifies the military, the firepower, the raw killing power. I think its a problem when so many in the military are bloodthirsty. I know they're trained to be killers to DEFEND the country, and perhaps enjoying the act of killing people is what you need to DEFEND a country that in part exists thanks to terrorism and genocide and making treaties it never intended to keep. There was a part in the documentary about the pilots and crew being disappointed because they didn't drop any bombs. They are so itching to drop bombs and kill people, automatically assuming that if you die from this bomb that means you're a terrorist. Or just not valuing innocent Iraqi lives at all.

I'm getting frustrated with OPB. Now they're closing KOAC after 80+ years, the birthplace of OPB. For what? So they can save a few bucks on air conditioning? Give me a break. And why are advertisements for ABC television on OPB, to name just one? I thought OPB was a non-commercial, public supported station. WTF?

So my membership has expired and I don't think I'll renew it. Not until they get their head out of their ass and remember what their mission is. Its a sad day when such a venerable institution as OPB begins to lose credibility. OPB is a public institution, we should take it back and demand more accountability. Even KBOO has a member elected board of directors. Why doesn't OPB?

I've relied on OPB now for almost 10 years as the most trustworthy station. I thought I could count on OPB to deliver news and information with the least amount of spin. But that trust is eroding. I'm saddened and disgusted with the direction OPB is headed.

So, if anyone out there is listening, we need to boost the signal for 100.7 KBOO FM, because right now its shit and I can't listen to a clean broadcast without static and interference from other stations. Get on it! I've been saying this for years now.


nolocontendere said...

I gave up on public broadcasting a while ago. Like you years ago I'd regularly renew my yearly membership because they did a good job.
Then the blurbs for sponsors slowly became commercials and some egregious scum corps became patrons. Little by little the content changed and cutting edge material was rteplaced by fluff. Then the format started imitating commercial radio, with the same types of stories only stretched to seem like it was more in depth.
This all happened at the same time things at large became far more important to understand so public broadcasting went in the opposite direction it should have. Today I dismiss it as just another garbage source of propaganda, worse than most commercial stations in that it still pretends to be different.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

I've become disgusted with public broadcasting as well and have definitely noticed this pro-military/pro-war stance they have taken (through the tv airwaves--don't really listen to them on the radio). The other night they had on a piece about the Bush family that was very soft. Made me squirm inside watching it.

Their sponsors are vastly big business and their fearless leader a conservative Republican party supporter. That speaks volumes as to where it's continuining to head.

I like KBOO, too. I can pick it up in the morning on my walkman.

tkn said...
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Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

yeah tim--i get the signal in my house. i don't know about my regular stereo though.