Wednesday, October 15, 2008

class warfare

Yes, I'm still alive.

I've been busy building a studio in the backyard, and haven't felt the urge to write anything. What are ya gonna do?

John McCain said Obama wants to wage class warfare. What I wish Obama would've said is that we didn't start this class war. Workers, the unemployed and the poor have been brutalized by the ruling elite (rich, greedy corporations) for centuries now, but the most recent onslaught starting with Reagan, including Clinton and certainly the last 8 years (certainly to be remembered as the beginning of the end).

We didn't start the class war McCain. But if you keep giving tax breaks to the wealthy and further widen the class divide as it seems you would, it might just lead to a guillotine on Pennsylvania Ave. And another one on Wall Street.

On a different note, I got to play (music) at the annual Pirate party this year. It was early Friday evening and the next band wasn't set up yet. Sensing the opportunity (being sufficiently lit) and converging with this other guy who had been singing Off to Sea Once More earlier by the fire, we took the stage and played some cover tunes. It was pretty sweet. I wished I could hear my guitar better, (I really need a plug in acoustic) but it went well and a lot of people said they enjoyed it. So I was stoked.

The pirate party was crazy. I hope J didn't get kicked out of his house. A lot of the kids there were rainbow kids/family. They are the coolest. I met a few travelers, train hoppers, etc. I want to do that but I doubt if I ever will. I definitely need to attend a gathering, however.

I promise to try to write more in the future.


Nina said...

that is a kewel looking start to a studio. what will you use it for?

i'm not into the pirate scene, but i understand the urge to hop on a train and see where it takes you. i used to live on 6th street and looooved to watch the train go by. it travels so slowly--i used to fight the urge to hop on it.

tkn said...

thanks, its gonna be just a chill room for hanging out and playing music. perhaps a summer guest room or something like that. Or if the rocket stove works well, a year round guest room. I'm doing it more for the experience than anything else. The cool part starts now, that is the cobbing, mixing earth sand and straw to hand sculpt the walls.