Friday, October 17, 2008

skate park stoke

having fully sheathed the roof of the backyard studio and covered it with a big piece of plastic yesterday (good enough for now) I took a day for myself and went to peak sports to get my old skateboard fixed. then I went to the skate park and had a blast. it was a little wobbly at first but i still had fun and found that all those old skills aren't completely gone. I can still ollie and ride the banks and drop in on the small trannys. I even pulled off a couple short rail slides. But I'd forgotten what a great workout it is to skate in the park. If I can manage to not break my trucks again I want to keep skating just for the aerobic workout.
there was a crew of pro (semi-pro?) skaters from Santa Barbara there filming and throwing some crazy tricks and airs. One dude stoked me with a couple free skating dvds. In addition to the SB crew, there were some other guys tearing shit up. It was fun just to sit there and watch. I was the only one with a helmet and wrist guards. Even the little groms with their little scooters were boosting airs and riding sick lines without safety gear. then again, the younger you are, the more resilient no doubt, and old guys like me need the gear more than anyone.

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