Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jim Hightower

is great! I just heard him on the radio, Alternative Radio, that is, and he is on the money. If you aren't aware, Alternative Radio is a program aired on many publically supported radio stations. Hightower is funny and sharp as a razor. Furthermore, he speaks for the common folk of America, and I would wager, the world. I wish I could copy and paste his speech onto this blog, but suffice it to say that telling the web about it is about all I can do.

All we're asking for is peace, liberty and justice for all.

What are we here for afterall? I know it's not to cut each other's throats for a bigger slice of pie. I know that's not the ultimate fulfillment of life. So what then? Is it not to help each other out, let our friends who are down on their luck know that everything will be alright, as we strive to improve our lives. Americans are good decent people who don't generally disagree with what I just said.

It is unfortunate that many of us were tricked into believing that improving our lives meant amassing personal wealth and materiel (spelling intentional).

I'm slowly realizing that one's standing and/or notoriety in society is not a matter of one's wealth, but one of the person's force of expression. That is to say, the content/quality as well as the volume/quantity of one's expressions (talk, blog, email, letters, conversation, etc.).

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