Friday, June 01, 2007

first solar dish of the season

well, its that time again folks! time to break out the solar oven and use the sun's rays to cook. since the solar oven is essentially a low(ish) temperature slow cooker, we're making chili (again). i keep saying one of these days i'll bake something, but so far it hasn't happened yet. i better go out and see if the angle is right.

maybe i'll even post a picture if i'm really industrious!


tkn said...

the chili turned out good! hk invited her buddies over so we were able to share it, which is infinitely better than not sharing and having leftovers.

you know, i lied, the chili wasn't the first dish of the season. just the other day i put a slab of smoked trout in there which turned it into trout jerky which is pretty good.

nina said...

that is so cool. where did you get it?

tkn said...

i actually made it. they're really simple to make and most of the materials can be obtained for free/recycled (scrap plywood, cardboard insulation and reflector material)