Sunday, June 10, 2007

excellent article for all average joes and janes

thanks again to tom for the link.

please read this article and do something to express your thoughts.

by posting on my blog i assume my agreement with it is understood.


blamin said...

I must admit, this piece is one of the more rational and reasonable columns I’ve read from Ralph Nader in quite some time.

The pendulum has definitely swung too far towards corporate power.

Instead of calling this “Wall Street vs. Main Street” problem, I’d go one step further and label this as a “Wall Street & Madison Avenue vs. America” problem.

I did a little research a couple years back on the practice of big business hiring Madison Avenue “symbology experts”. These people are masters at convincing consumers that they “need” a particular product. The use of symbology, and subliminal advertising is a standard and constant practice nowadays. Once you’re aware of it, and watch for it, you’ll notice its prevalence is staggering. You’d be amazed at how much the subconscious of the average person (much less a child or young person) absorbs the constant bombardment of symbols and imagery.

And it’s all about the almighty dollar!

Never, ever underestimate what your fellow man is capable of in the pursuit of money or power.

nina said...

such a broken system we have.... makes me ill to my core.

one of the problems is how we define worth. we have it all messed up. we think worth has to be proven. we think some are more worthy than others. pure, unadulterated bullshit.

another problem is rugged individualism. people thinking only of themselves--what's best for them without any consequence to what their choices may mean for others.

from the perspective of a biz owner, if they were to embrace a collectivist attitude, they would think how their biz decisions impact their employees, their customers, their community.

profit can co-exist in a more collectivist society, but the united states doesn't subscribe to that notion. instead, bring up the concept and you're labeled a commie, a socialist, a bleeding heart liberal etc. etc.

let's all take a chill pill and realize we're all in the same boat. or at least let's all start behaving as though we are. at this point, the scenario is hideous--too many damn big yachts and too many dingies, many of which are getting trampled on by the big dudes. we don't need government to get big biz back in alignment with the needs of the workers; however, unless there's a change of consciousness (which will not likely occur unless the current system crashes ala Rome), the people need to demand uncle sam do their stinkin' job and represent the private citizen instead of the wall street executive.

tkn said...

yes yes yes!

well stated nina.

a rising tide lifts all boats, but we're the ones driving the pumps! what a crock, that one is! a rising tide may lift all boats, but the analogy does not apply to those who don't even have a boat.

tkn said...

i think i've got madison avenue beat. but then again who knows.

Spiritbear said...

Hmmm. No wonder Rush Limbaugh said "Roosevelt is dead. His policies may live on but we are going to do something about that too"

nina said...

"a rising tide may lift all boats, but the analogy does not apply to those who don't even have a boat."

THAT is brilliant! amen, rock on!

popi_and_tom said...

The conduct of Coca-Cola, a US corporation, must be addressed; see this revealing article:
Coke Faces New Charges in India, Including 'Greenwashing'
by Aaron Glantz, Znet, June 11, 2007§ionID=66

crallspace said...

Good article- but what DO WE DO?

I don't shop at as many corporate strongholds as possible- but what about the other 8 out of 10 who are?

crallspace said...

I also find it funny that Blamin can recognize what this article is saying, but still defending the Bushes and the Cheneys against angry "lefties" who dare to print their thoughts in the blogosphere.

Reaching em slowly... one can hope.

crallspace said...



More Tim's Bloggo.

popi.and.tom said...

Do the good people who take a strong position on global warming address at all the view represented by D. F. Noble?

1. Noble, D. F., The Corporate Climate Coup, Znet, 5'8'07§ionID=1

2. Noble, D. F., Regression on the Left, Activist Climate Guy, 5'30'07

3. Noble, D. F., Audio of Interview. Redeye Vancouver Radio, 5'29'07

blamin said...


once again you've mischaracterized my arguments, I'm starting to believe your paranoid.

There has never been a president that is 100% "bad" or "good", I know your hatred of Bush blinds you to that fact, but get used to it.

AND just because I defend some of his policies; doesn't mean I support all his policies. I know it must be hard for you to fathom.

Back to Nadar -
He's got some great ideas and should definetly be hired by the next pres, for his opinions, but those opinions should always be taken with a grain of salt, for Nadar has been known to fall off the deep end on occasion.