Sunday, July 01, 2007

michael moore on NOW

the "must see tv" link in my list will take you to the NOW website. this past week, Brancaccio interviewed Moore. This episode is a great example of why i call it must see tv. Moore is brilliant. say what you want about him, but imho, he nails it on the head.

America has a "me" mentality, whereas just about every other civilized nation, the people have a "we" mentality.

i can't wait to see sicko. even if i have to give carmike my money.

bill moyers journal was excellent this week as well.

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nina said...

it's good to see one of the bigger outlets interview him. i'm on michael moore's e-mail list and when he sent off his e-mail last week on opening day of sicko, he said he had been bumped off of Larry King. cnn had instead opted to put on paris hilton. she is, afterall, so much more important than the health and well being of the rest of us. and CNBC had invited him to do an interview at the new york stock exchange. upon his arrival, he was informed he was "banned" from the building.

yeah, and we live in a free society? only if you tow the line.

mike is a genius. he's like a populist--he speaks for "every day" people. i think the 9th street cinemas are airing sicko, although i heard from someone here in town that on opening night, it wasn't shown. no explanation was given.