Monday, July 02, 2007

libby granted royal mercy

who am i to question the almighty emperor of the world?

well, for starters i'm a citizen of this country and if this isn't proof positive that the system is broke, that the country is run by a bunch of good ol boys who have a very narrow definition of "we" which certainly doesn't include the lot of us, i don't know what is.

meanwhile, the people who leaked v.plame's identity are still doing their thing. plotting to take over the world. and i'm not exaggerating or kidding. that's precisely what they're doing. i don't blame them. the fact is, the opportunity is theirs for the taking, thanks to a somnabulent population of sheeple and a brainwashed base. but that doesn't make it right. america has become an empire ruled by elites in which there is a guise of democracy. america has veered off course and it is up to We the people to correct our collective course. where is the rule of law?

impeach bush now


tkn said...


nina said...

i agree. seeing this news last night made my stomach churn. the white house has put themselves above the law, period.

i don't even know what to do about any of it anymore. i really don't.

blamin said...

Just curious.

Are you pissed because Bush granted clemency to Libby? Or are you pissed at the system of presidential pardons, clemency, etc.

The reason I ask, is because if it's the system you don't like, I can agree - you only have to look at the terrorist and criminals the last two democrat presidents pardoned. That would sour anyone to this practice.

My opinion is if you've done the crime, do the time, I don't give a damn who you are.

But, I don't necessarily blame Bush for taking advantage of the system, especially since Libby's crime pales in comparison to people pardoned by previous presidents. I do blame him however for perpetuating a ridiculous practice.

tkn said...

i agree, the whole system is fucking bullshit.

but i also think that libby's crime pales in comparison to the actual leaking of the agent's identity, which was rove, was it not?