Tuesday, July 31, 2007

camping on the coast

We went camping this past weekend. Oswald West state park was our main destination. Suffice it to say, it was awesome. Snagging a campsite was a bit of a chore and my foot was giving me some problems, but the surfing was fun, the area is beautiful (next time i want to do a lot more exploring). Had some really fun jams with my good buddies, and we actually played for a couple audiences who were really cool. We, well, Chris dubbed us the 'minstrel cycles' and we started walking through camp playing and at the next site, they asked us to play, so we played 'off to sea once more' and they liked it and gave us water! then we walked along and the first girl we ran into wanted to hear us play and was saying how she didn't bring her guitar, but she wished she had, and so we went up to her camp and played a few songs. she joined in on a couple. then a guy said they were having a bonfire at the beach so we went down there and sat and played a little bit. People drank a lot of alcohol. we ended up having to drag our fearless leader back from the beach.

the weekend almost ended on a sour note, with rain Sat. night, early sunday morning. but by the time we got up, it had quit and we packed up all our wet stuff and packed everything back up to the cars, which left us time for one more surf session which was great because the crowd had yet to come out, although the waves were a lot smaller. but it was fun and after an hour or so, i'd had enough and we left.


crallspace said...

Any photos!??

Did you guys tap your feet while singing, "they've got the dance floor- we got the beat!" ??

crallspace said...
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nina said...

sounds like a wonderful time--except for the rainy gear. nothing like a weekend at the beach. we've lined up an entire week to do just that. VACATION!!

one of my favorite things to do is sit around a campfire and play my guitar--while attempting to sing. thanks for the reminder to put that on my list.

Anonymous said...

ha, ha...sounds like you had a blast, cousin.