Tuesday, July 03, 2007

osu/corvallis nuke

another article from tom

Nevin, K.S., OSU's "Nuke" a Local Cause for Concern, Corvallis
, 7'3'07.
I've visited the reactor before in a science class. Everyone i've spoke with says "trust me" its very safe. well, i'm no nuclear physicist, so i guess i'll take their word for it. right? WRONG!

its bullshit that insurance companies will not cover damages due to a nuclear incident.

if its so safe then why is our local law enforcement practicing for some such event?

the only absolute guarantee to be safe around this stuff is to shut it down.

i wrote a letter to the barometer many years ago describing how vulnerable the building is to an attack. if you drive by it on 35th you will see what i mean. a couple chainlink fences, one with barbed wire. yeah, like that's going to stop someone with nefarious plans. give me a break. barometer never printed the letter.

anyone know the history of how the reactor came to be?

living so close to the damn thing, i'd absolutely rather it not be there at all. lets get rid of it and put up one of those giant wind turbines. we might not have the greatest wind resource, but we have SOME wind resource that we waste all the time.

and whats the deal with the new energy center?


Spiritbear said...

I agree having a nuclear reactor cant be that safe.

Wind turbines. Maybe not in the valley but they would work great just 60 miles away on the coast. Its always windy there.

tkn said...

when you look at how the witham oaks development was bulldozed through city council, you gotta wonder about taking on the nuke plant. talk about a david and goliath situation.

i think tourism would flourish with wind turbines strategically located within or close to towns. bird mortality is an issue as always, but manageable? why isn't there more wind energy development on the coast?