Wednesday, October 24, 2007

War with Iran is Unacceptable

With regards to the media coverage/chatter/drums of war beating regarding Iran, I just need to say that it seems like the administration is deliberately acting to enlarge the threat that Iran poses. Bush, as is typical, is pouring gasoline on the flames, blowing oxygen into the flames.

Iran is not a friend of the West. Iran is against Israel. Fine. The way to deal with a potential threat is not make it worse. Could it be that the reason some Iranians don't trust the US, much less Bush, is because of our historic role in toppling democratically elected leaders and installing puppet regimes?

If its about the oil then at least have the cojones to admit it. Oil addiction is no joke. I don't have first hand knowledge, but my understanding of heroin and meth addiction is that the addict is obsessed. The drug takes over the person and uses him/her to continue to have itself used and abused. Oil addiction is not unlike meth addiction. Just know that in my humble opinion, ANY blood for oil, American, Iraqi, or Iranian or human blood is entirely unacceptable.

The fact is they don't have nuclear weapons. This is a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. We keep accusing them of having nuclear weapons so they figure they better actually get some before its too late. Strengthen and give credibility and validity to the IAEA. Hans Blix was right, Iraq didn't have weapons. By going through international, transparent channels we can achieve the most credibility.

Bush and Co. got it so totally wrong about Iraq. There is absolutely no reason to take one word that they say about Iran seriously. War with Iran is off the table.

Before I hear one more word about Iran we need to re-investigate what happened on 9-11.

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nina said...

the administration is most definitely enlarging the threat. who knows for sure what this is about--oil, keeping israel in power, muslim vs. jews/christians. perhaps all three. we will be labeling nations as threats to u.s. democracy, invading, installing our own form of government, until we've exhausted our military power, until our military gets some will and refuses to obey these insane orders, until enough nations refuse to act as allies, until the people overthrow the government...until, until, until...

project for the new american century lays out, in large part, this agenda for all to see. they make it clear--any nation that isn't in line with america's version of democracy (which of course is a joke) faces the threat of military invasion.

we are being ruled by people who are insane, inept and psychotic--and the rest too afraid to do their job, the few who see the truth and speak out about it (paul and kucinich for example) are ignored and ridiculed.

there is no reasoning with such mental states. we need to get past this notion that they can be reasoned with or somehow convinced to change their perceptions and behavior. it's not going to happen. and it's become abundantly clear our own reps. will not be listening to us anytime soon either. canada has again become appealing to us...