Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The War

is over. The Ken Burns PBS documentary, The War, that is.

I've been watching it all along and don't know what to think. People say it was a necessary war. I put this notion to the folks at last week's forum and some responded saying that it was the Geneva conventions that created the conditions for WWII to happen in the first place, and thus could have been avoided with better foresight at the conclusion of WWI. A man in the film said that evil exists. I'm not so blind as to think that evil doesn't exist. Evil being defined as a capacity within people to commit horrendous atrocities on other people and the Earth. Indeed, we are all witnesses to evil in this day and age, as our (p)resident lays waste to a million innocent people in Iraq so that he and his buddies can steal their oil. Blood for oil? are you fucking kidding me? WTF? Of course, they can't admit the truth, they must disguise their intentions with high flying rhetoric about democracy and freedom, even as they desecrate the Constitution and piss on REAL democracy.

But I digress. I think Ken Burns' documentary is timely and valuable in that it so clearly illustrates how the present occupation of Iraq is anything but necessary, taking the points from the documentary at face value. It so clearly illustrates how overwhelmingly united and determined and willing to sacrifice the nation was during WWII, traits that are conspicuously absent today.

The documentary falls short though, by not refuting the notion that war is inevitable. In fact, I daresay it glorifies war. Evil exists but better solutions exist for preventing war, and terrorism, i might add. Just because people, 99.99% men, have waged wars for thousands of years and indeed, all of recorded history, doesn't mean that we can't envision a future free of war. In a world consistently full of dichotomies, I believe that now that we have fully realized our capacity for destruction and death, we have a responsibility to fully realize our hitherto latent capacity for creation and life. We can and we must.

We few who care frequently come back to the notion that the ignorant sleeping masses must be woken up. How to achieve this in a world of relative plenty and plenty of distractions? Bread and Circuses, as John Bogle (among others) said. Should we be ready for the inevitable collapse and hope to ride it out? or actually try to slow the train down, as I've suggested in the poll? Tonight I'm leaning toward gettin off while the gettin's good and hope to survive. I'm utterly stumped as to how to swim against this massive current and furthermore, get many others to do so as well.

Everything and everyone are connected. Life is a miracle to be cherished and relished. I suppose I should just be grateful for my conscience, and just take it day by day, doing what I can, when I can, trying to create alliances with others, trying to encourage more love and joy and less hate and fear.

Why are we so impatient? Why do we insist on creating change overnight? Who am I to think that I know better than those I call 'asleep'?


Al Kikyoas said...

did you watch the end of the second installment last night?

It was fairly extensive, covering the manufacturing boon in Mobile, Alabama and the interment of Japanese Americans.

If as a country we can create jobs during wartime and generate revenue then why can't we create jobs during peace time too and make enough money to have private savings, investments and college as an option?

Enough of this Thompsonian, republican ''Free markets for everyone.. but NOT for YOU!!'' Fire the liars.

Al Kikyoas said...

That would be _internment_, Homer. Doh!

Although according to Ken Burns' WWII documentary, several Japanese were shot trying to escape the internment camps, so they were probably interred or whatever the Japanese (American) ceremonial ritual may be for such incidences.

Stupid fucking racist military. Cheney and the bu$h narcissists were very close to legislatively establishing overt, domestic internment camps for Arabic Americans and may get their way with Latinos if Tom Tancredo or Thompson become prez. What do you think those secret prisons are a precursor to?

''All of you fascists 'r bound to lose.. You bound to lose.. You bound to lose!''

tkn said...

Thanks for your comments, Al.

Interesting name btw.

I agree, we need to mobilize the citizenry, create jobs, fund education, like there's no tomorrow, because if we keep heading the way we're going, there won't be a tomorrow. We need to wage sustainability because our lives depend on it.

Here in Oregon, we were "bombarded" with The War, they showed the entire series in two weeks, airing episodes from 8-10 then again from 10-12. Now they are doing the one episode every Wed. deal.