Friday, March 21, 2008


Today was full of Obama.

When I went over to my neighbor's house to discuss a project, he was about to speak in Portland.

Later, I was downtown getting a part for my bike trailer wheel and I step out of Robnette's to overhear a woman saying Obama just had pizza at the American Dream. Police had completely blocked 3rd street, on which I was parked. People were asking what the hell was going on and I told them what I overheard. People were excited. Then the convoy rolled through, first a bunch of SUVs filled with men in suits and sunglasses then a massive bus then another bus and then some more SUVs. The popo man blocking traffic was a big prick. He tried to ignore me when I asked him how long traffic would be stopped but I yelled at him from the street corner and he said it'd be awhile. I was somewhat put out by this as there was nothing to do but wait and watch. I felt very tense, also, considering any stupid act could've got me shot and/or arrested. It felt like the mighty arm of empire pushing people around. I know he's a candidate and all, but geez...That fucking cop could've been a little accommodating.

Then tonight at 9:00 KEZI (channel 9 ABC affiliate in Eugene) broadcast special coverage of the speech in Mac Court. Despite my mixed feelings earlier, I have to say it was an inspiring speech. I really want to believe in Obama. He says the right things up to a point. Like I said before, he doesn't talk about universal single payer health care. Tonight he said he believes in capitalism and free markets. He talked about protecting the Constitution but never mentions impeachment, which is prescribed by the Constitution for presidencies gone severely awry like the current one. But I really liked what he said about energy policy and education policy. I think those who say he's a centrist are right. He will continue the American empire. I don't believe he's for the kind of fundamental change that I'm looking for. There's this sneaking (call it cynical if you will) feeling that he's mostly talk when he talks about challenging the status quo. Still, a part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I will most likely vote Green party (McKinney) or Nader because I feel voting is less about picking the winner as it is an expression of one's own conscience. My one vote won't mean much in the grand scheme of the election, but it means the world to me in terms of my personal beliefs, ideals and integrity.

btw, "obackarama" came from my wife who has a way of mixing up syllables often with funny results. Well, she kept saying oback and I added the arama.

And the American Dream part was confirmed by an email from my buddy Joe who saw and spoke to Obama there.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the election to be over. I won't be too despondent if Obama wins. (Or Hillary for that matter) Even McCain will be 1x better than the horrible horrible W.


crallspace said...

I have a hard time getting enthused about Obama until the all important super delegates make the choice that us people are too dumb to do.

Before saying that anyone will at least be better than Bush, Read this. IT's a bit long, but warns against using "at least they'll be better than Bush" as our relief.

crallspace said...

Lotsa clicks on ORBLOGS!

17 as of SAT afternoon 4:39.

Anonymous said...

My response to your response got so lengthy I decided to make it an entry on my page. :)