Wednesday, March 26, 2008

worker owned cooperatives

We need more worker owned cooperatives in the world and especially here in corvallis.

If you're sick of your job and/or unemployed lets get together and organize a worker owned cooperative.

We could start a recycling company that actually turns waste into useable products right here. We could lease people's yards to grow food. We could open a cafe with a new culture, one that makes everyone feel included and integral.

We are the leaders we've been seeking. Lets turn away from capitalism and toward sustainability. Actually we don't even have to completely abandon capitalism as evidenced by the Lovins/Hawken text, Natural Capitalism.

Speaking of books, I'm almost done with The Cultural Creatives and I'm really floored. The authors are right. There are millions of us! And we're converging on the truth. We're at the threshold of a new dawn, if we can just get the neo-cons to shut the hell up for a second and strip away all their power.


BoggyWoggy said...

How about this idea...
See, I'm all for cooperatives, when done correctly. I'm also for doing ALL that we can to live a sustainable lifestyle. However, little groups of folks getting together to grow veggies just ain't gonna cut it.
Instead, consider this:
1. Go to the next 100 city council meetings in Corvallis.
2. Rant, rant, rant about the new structures being built to house mega-corporation food and clothing stores.
3. Refuse to shop at those stores.
4. Get a LARGE group of people together and convince THEM to not shop at those stores.
5. Create a cooperative mega-mart that sells organic clothing, food, and materials. Build a structure powered as much as possible from the sun. No parking lot...walk-ins, bike-ins, and bus-ins only.
6. Continue going to city council meetings...dragging everyone who thinks like us as you possibly can! Rant, rant, rant!
7. Convince EVERYONE to vote and to only vote for folks who get it!

Good luck!!!

tkn said...


are you in or not? see you at the sustainability town hall meeting?

I can't tell if you're comment is for real or ir you're being sarcastic.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

i'd be interested in working for such an organization--in so long as i would be paid a living wage and receive health benefits.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

isn't there a school or two here in town that has been shut down? what a great resource to turn into garden space.

i can even imagine a biz that utilizes abandoned or long-term vacant properties for such a thing. attracting the more progressive-sustainable-minded property owner would be key.