Monday, March 10, 2008

Transitioning to DTV

Does anyone get broadcast DTV right now? Is it a good signal?

Should I get the coupon from the government for a DTV converter for our old set, or get a new flat screen DTV? I don't like the idea of our old TV getting trashed but it is old and tiny (14in) but I also want to take the government money because it was their stupid idea to begin with and they never asked me if they should make the switch mandatory for all broadcast stations. Seems like another abuse of the PUBLIC airwaves, OUR airwaves that are being sold to the highest bidder. Lastly, I heard that if the signal is bad, you don't get squat, no fuzzy picture, no adjusting rabbit ears, just nothing. So if you live far from the transmission source, you're SOL? Hopefully OPB's signal will be strong enough.

Anyone else facing this problem?


dorsey said...

That's the thing with digital. You either get a complete signal, or you get nothing. I also understand that the digital broadcasts don't have the range of analog signals. The number I've heard tossed around is in the neighborhood of 35 miles. So if you live too far out, antenna service may not cut it.

If you're a cable or satellite subscriber, you won't be affected, but please don't tell my wife this. I've already convinced her that we have to upgrade to a big flat-panel HDTV.

Anonymous said...

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Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

it's all so ridiculous. i ordered one of those coupons (which has yet to arrive) for the converter box, which we'll use on our old tv. we just bought one of those digital HD tv's and i notice OPB already has a digital signal (we now get 3 or 4 different OPB channels, which i love!). i can't really tell a difference though, although i'm still adjusting to the HD picture. kind of overwhelming to the senses.

tkn said...

I don't know who the hell jason is, or what money he's talking about. Obviously its some kind of blog spam. please don't click on that link. I haven't. Can I delete that comment? I want to make it easy for people to comment, that's why I didn't enable the word verification thing, but I might have to if this continues.

Nina/Norman, do you get any other channels on DTV? Did you get your new tv from Costco? I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hey there -
The shift to digital is ridiculous. They showed a PSA for it, and my Dad just muttered, "Oh, great, now our TV will have digital shit instead of analog shit on it..."
It's unnecessary to make it mandatory, but you better believe this is the effect of business lobbying.

Anyway, I finally posted the denouement of what happened with my dingus roommate. Sorry I took so long with that. Stuff's been busy.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

other than some new pbs channels, no--no new digital channels. at least none that are coming in through our rabbit ears.

after having this tv for a week, i do notice a real difference with digital. it's almost as though you're right there--with the sound and picture quality. that being said, i still don't like this being forced on us.

you can delete comments through your "manage posts" section. it's next to the "new post" link. jason made an appearance on my blog awhile back.