Tuesday, April 01, 2008

corvallis sustainability town hall meeting

What a thrill it was to attend and participate in the first of three town hall meetings on the topic of sustainability! I was blown away by the number of attendees. Over 400 people packed into the ch2m alumni center, even necessitating the use of an overflow room.

It was a watershed moment of collective visioning. It was a gathering of the tribe of Cultural Creatives, young and old, multi ethnic, and rich and poor. We are indeed creating the world we seek and this was a huge step. I feel very empowered to live in a community with so many like minded folks. Our stock of social capital just multiplied by a lot.

The format was well organized and thought out. Kudos to the organizers. After some introductory remarks, we went into brainstorming mode at each table of roughly 8-10 people first declaring goals then defining strategies in the next session. Salient points (goals then strategies) were written down and interesting strategies were voted on at each table.

Are you interested in creating a better world for ourselves and our children's children? Get involved cause we've gots lots of work to do!


Kelly said...

When is the next meeting?

Anonymous said...

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tkn said...

kelly, the next town hall is on June 25, but you can get involved sooner. google corvallis sustainability coalition.

barb michelen, you are probably fictitious but let me just state for the record that I never met you and I'd appreciate it if you didn't leave spam comments. that's just rude.

Kelly said...

Thanks for info! Google I will.

crallspace said...

Barb will never see your response. People like that are paid to leave spam ads but the hundreds, maybe thousands. I can almost guarantee that barb is not her real name.

Best to just delete them.