Sunday, April 27, 2008

do you know where this is?

Its the new boardwalk next to Sunset Park, through the floodplain of Dunawi Creek. Supposedly there's actual beavers there, though I haven't seen em yet. I did see some chewed through saplings way down the bike path by Ashbrook school. Have you seen real beavers in the wild in Oregon? We were checking out what may have been a beaver (probably a nutria) down close to Finley one day when a guy in a big pickup drove by. He asked if everything was okay since we stopped the car in the middle of the road and we told him we were checking out a beaver. He said, you wanna see a beaver? I got one in the back of the pickup. Sure enough, he had a 30+ pound beaver that apparently he killed earlier that day. Though it was sad to see it dead, it was still cool to see. Later I thought I should have said something like thanks for letting us see your beaver. But he had guns and that might've pissed him off...

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