Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday ramblins

I'm retiring the Nalgene bottle. Now that its old and used and all the bisphenol-A has already leached into my body, I'm switching to a glass jug. Maybe I'll wrap it in duct tape and include a loop/strap of sorts.

We need to spread the word about the upcoming vote on US farm policy. Chances are the farm lobby will win again, but perhaps we should at least send a message that their days are numbered. Check out Bill Moyers Journal from a couple weeks ago. No more subsidies for farmers who don't need them or even in some cases, feel right about taking them. Support small farms. support organic farms, not massive agricorporations that are fuel and fertilizer intensive not to mention pesticide and gmos. stop subsidizing ethanol production at the expense of food production.

I'm convinced that with the right leadership the US could stop occupying Iraq and bring our troops home and there wouldn't be a bloody bloodbath in our wake. I'm really feeling the tug towards Obamamania. The lure of unity and really working together. But I don't think we should try to work with people who agree with the Bush II administration. There comes a time when one's mistakes add up to and cause such suffering and misery that the credibility meter falls to zero. These people are so clearly wrong that anything else seems right. But its plain to see that the surge is a finger in the dike to buy a little time for a massive diplomatic effort to get some agreements made, which, of course is not forthcoming, because BushII wants permanent US bases and control of Iraqi oil. If you still doubt this please see the previous posting of the letter to John Murtha, in which it is abundantly clear that language to prevent permanent bases and control of Iraqi oil was struck by the White House.

Someone named Eileen commented at Crallspace that she needed help at a conservative blog (victoria taft, i think) debating some conservatives that the left is not responsible for the food shortage because we pushed for ethanol. some such nonsense. I find it difficult, to say the least, to imagine working with these people. I would fear for my life. But that seems to be the message from Obama. and he's right. We are all fellow citizens, equally worthy of existence and our convictions. How do you work with someone who wants to kill you? check out that blog if you want to read what I wrote.

I feel really lazy and don't want to bother creating links in the text.

There is a convergence afoot. Things are changing. I believe the people who insist that we are at a critical moment in time and space.

I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was fun. I was a little uncomfortable with the plastic lei's made in China, but whatev...I went with the flow.

Too much hail in April sucks.

If everyone panics and starts stocking up on food, prices will increase all the more. However, I am thinking about investing in some large, good containers to hold a significant amount of staple foods. I am also completely enthralled with the website, I want one of those woodgas stoves!

I wanted to say at the forum that the epiphany I had while studying biology here at OSU was that not only is all of life connected through our dna, but that it is a miracle of energy that we exist the way we do. that we are cognitive elements. and as such I felt a deep appreciation and love for everyone I encountered, especially while walking down the street. People looked beautiful to me not because of their specific shape, but because they were walking and presumably, thinking beings, full of infinitely complex interactions of minerals, elements, water and energy. Amazing! yeah, its hard to express in words.

I finished reading The Cultural Creatives. If you're interested in borrowing it, hit me up.

I won a cd from KBVR last week. I still have to go pick it up. I was really groovin to this reggae dj and he asked some question about a sample about which I had no clue, but apparently no one else was calling in so I won it! huzza for yo. KBVR airs some of the best tracks I've ever heard. 737-4962! yeah booyyyyy!


Eileen said...

Well thanks for dropping by Victoria's blog, with an argument.

My own arguing skills are somewhat lacking.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

I've been thinking the same thing about rushing out and buying food galore. I don't want to contribute to some sort of a panic that causes bare shelves and higher prices. And yet, it would also make me feel more secure to have a few months of food on hand.

I love those feelings when you see the beauty in others. That connection. It's so powerful. Sometimes I think (part of) the reason I don't feel it more often is that my physical body doesn't seem to be able to contain the energy for long.

crallspace said...