Friday, April 11, 2008

Switching the blog to Wordpress

I've been thinking about switching over to wordpress, mostly because I like the name and the concept of open source, etc. However, a brief investigation into the nuts and bolts showed that it might not be so simple.

Do you blog through Wordpress? Did you switch from Blogger? Should I make the switch?

Does it not really matter for an intermittent blogger like myself with a minimal audience?

I don't have anything against Blogger, perse. Its just something I've been mulling over.


kate said...

I went from a free blogger account to using wordpress on my own domain and I was able to transfer all my posts. There was some messy stuff to clean up, but most everything came over.

I don't know if you can transfer everything from free blogger to free wordpress though. I do prefer wordpress... I always messed up my templates at blogger.

Spiritbear said...

I like the idea of switching for the reason of it is open source. Blogger is owned by Google. Google may not yet be an evil empire but it certainly is setting itself up to become one. I may switch too at some point. If I ever really have anything that important to say or if Google gets worse