Tuesday, February 12, 2008

comment @ nina's

The following started as a response to Nina's posting about the cost of food rising and the general trend towards life getting harder. Then I figured I should post it here as well.

What if, for starters, we provided a farm subsidy for small, local, organic vegetable growers instead of large agribusinesses which distort world markets, are fossil fuel dependent, which means carbon-intensive, not to mention make poor farmers in the rest of the world poorer and more likely to go work in a coal mine. The only reason we haven't is precisely because undoubtedly, farm policies are being written by those same agribusinesses and their buddies in Washington. blah blah blah, its the same fucking story, about damn near every aspect of our lives. health care, energy, transportation, housing, media, military.

Is Obama going to address change at this level? (Which will assuredly mean his own assassination) Or is he simply another puppet of the fascist corporatocracy/oligarchy/lords of the universe?

Here's an idea I've had. Have a union hall of sorts thats open to anyone that also serves as a local business incubator. So if you're unemployed, you can have a "job" (probably unpaid) to read, listen and learn, chat with other unemployed folks, just hang out knowing that you aren't defined by your occupation, but also having an opportunity to offer new ideas with others. I think it should focus on starting businesses that are labor intensive (to promote job security). So something like an urban farm to grow our own food, would be a great place to start, for example.

Turning garbage into fuel is another potential goldmine for jobs. (Check out Coskata) And of course recycling. Metal prices are soaring, more metal scrapping businesses could start up.

Building homes and businesses with natural building materials and techniques. Very labor intensive and very sustainable. (cob/earthen building, strawbale)

The market alone has created a boom in local organic produce, but imagine if the taxpayers decided, you know what, we can invest in our own communities again (from the federal level) and share the wealth to create jobs at home that provide a decent living, and help create real security in many senses of the word.

People are waking up. We're still here and the possibilities are expanding.

Thanks for sparking my brain. I'm gonna post this on my blog.

I'm thinking about running for Darlene Hooley's seat in Congress. My platform would be stuff like the above, but also include more democratic activity ala Corvallis Open Forum. I would be the anti-candidate. I have none of the qualifications except one thing: I would pass the buck back to the voters. I would reject being elected to make decisions for you. I want you to make the decisions collectively. I want to be the representative who is the puppet of the People. So I would have Open Forums going alot. I would do constant polling and even have special elections in my district quiet frequently if need be. The trick will be to have decisions made in a timely fashion. In situations where a Congressional or committee vote will be required without a consensus from my constituency, I would make the call based on my understanding of the world but such situations will try to be avoided. Can I count on your support this November?

ha ha ha!!!


Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Run Tim, Run!! You would have my support! I could help you write your speeches.

If anything, running for public office would give you a platform to share your most excellent ideas. The people are restless and tired, wanting a change. A REAL change, not the same old crap with new spins (ala Obama, who I know is just another puppet, pro-status quo candidate, albeit a bit softer than McCain and Hillbilly).

Call it Change For REAL. It's a huge stretch of course, but if anything, your platform would gather the masses of like-minded individuals and that is K E Y to walking away from the old and creating the new and sustainable. Our planet needs it. The people need it.

I like your idea of a gathering place for the unemployed to share ideas for new businesses. I had that same idea 5 years ago and tried to get it going on my own (although I didn't have a target type of employment--just wanting to gather the unemployed who were tired of looking for the typical work-for-another positions and wanted to strike it out on their own). I even worked with the local employment department. However, the people who showed interest just wanted a job yesterday and weren't interested in joining minds and thinking outside the box. Today though may bring about a different mindset.

You'd have the support Tim. If you feel the calling, go for it.

Spiritbear said...

You got it man. I will support you all the way

tkn said...

Thanks for the support. You guys are very kind.

As you might have imagined, I don't know how serious I am about the idea of running for Congress. However, the much repeated phrase, we are the leaders we're seeking, keeps coming to mind.

Lets call it a write in campaign at this point and think about starting an exploratory committee.

I did bring it up with ms. tkn and we both laughed. But she did say to go for it if I'm serious.

tkn said...

I know the Greens are looking for candidates and I'm a registered Green, although I missed the convention yesterday in Salem.