Saturday, February 09, 2008

good times at the KLCC brewfest

Thanks to my good friend Dan, I was privileged to go to the KLCC brewfest last night. We tasted and judged 6 homebrewed meads and then tasted many beers. What a cornucopia of alcoholic treats! Our most local brewer (Oregon Trail) brought in a party pig of bourbon stout, which was simply a stout aged in a bourbon barrel. It was amazing how the bourbon flavor permeated the beer. I also liked the rye beer from Steelhead.

Here in the middle of the Willamette Valley, we're blessed with not only many many microbreweries, but also many public radio stations. KLCC (89.7FM) is a station I have listened to a lot over the years but until last night failed to support with dollars. I'm glad to have remedied that situation and I hope KLCC continues to provide solid programming for the community. I wonder what will change with OPB radio (1600AM) now having a presence in the Eugene area. Will they both continue broadcasting NPR news? Or will OPB's presence free KLCC to offer more alternatives such as Democracy Now or Pacifica?

The brewfest continues today. If you appreciate excellent beer and excellent radio, go and show your support. You won't regret it. Unless you overdo it, of course.


david said...

lol...glad to hear that you're enjoying the finer parts of life out in OR, cousin. wish i could have been there to join you, both for the brew and the good talk.

tkn said...

Yeah, I'm kind of worried about what seems to be a growing affinity for the drink. But really, I rarely even have a beer, once a month or so if that.

Feel free to come up here anytime. If you feel like the bright sun down there is just too bright and cheery and you need to go somewhere cold and damp and downright gloomy, that is! ha ha, no the summers are really spectacular, really.