Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm voting for Nader

Its official.
Lets push for real change, in the right direction.

I'm still waiting to hear about his position on a new investigation into 9-11.


Alex said...

Hi there - seeing as you're from Corvallis I think it's a safe bet our mutual friend is Dan Crall. He's a cool guy and funny as Hell.

Anyway, regarding Nader, I've got to say that we need to keep in mind that had he not run in 2000, 12% of votes would have gone to Gore. And keep in mind the repercussions of Gore losing...we could have had an eco-friendly president instead of a business-favoring war hawk and all his corrupt Neocon buddies.

Lastly, I've had an update regarding my roommate David (earlier this evening). I'll get around to writing about it soon, and I thank you for your advice.

If you have Facebook, feel free to look me up.

Alex DiBlasi

Spiritbear said...

Ideoligically I would vote for Nader. If by some freak of nature, Hillary gets the nomination, Nader gets my vote. If Obama gets it and its not close, I will probably vote for Nader. But if its close and its Obama, I will vote for Obama to avoid a possible repeat of 2000.

Though at another level, I think that Bush would have stolen that election no matter what. Even with the Nader factor, he lost but won.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

if anything, nader will call these status quo candidates on the unmentionables. he'll raise issues they would otherwise refuse to address. at this stage in the race, he's the only candidate (still running) who isn't owned by corporate interests and therefore, deserving of more trust than the rest combined.