Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Cultural Creatives

I'm reading this book by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson. This book is confirmation of the hunch I had that there are many people like myself who are seeking truth and justice despite years of conditioning and brainwashing, People who awaken to wider reality.

I certainly identify as a cultural creative. I'm dissatisfied with the status quo where everyone is more or less on their own, sink or swim. We need social and cultural safety nets.


nolocontendere said...

You communist!
It was made to be this way for us little people, social darwinism for us and socialism for those at the top of the economic food chain. IMO a plot was hatched quite a while ago and carefully implemented to strip us of all social contracts and sense of community except in a very, very shallow sense, as in churches and phony flag waving, and nothing else. It was slowly turned into a fuedal system where we deliver to our masters and they pretend to protect us.

crallspace said...

MY friend OAK was in a gathering here in town focused on Cultural creatives.

Nolocontendere, that is not a far fetched theory.

riverbird said...

here's another one related to cultural creatives, you might enjoy.

sometimies maybe we seem few and far between, but also i thihnk there's lots of us around, and growing.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

nolo's got it nailed. we've been conditioned to distrust our neighbors while instead, putting our faith into church, business and political leaders, aka "the system". we've been conditioned into believing this is just how things are. brainwashed into not challenging the status quo. anyone who challenges is labeled a commie, socialist, or in today's lingo, a terrorist.

and every 4 years they throw us political candidates who claim to be the one for change, and yet these major political players, the ones who the MSM highlights, supports and once again, through conditioning, tells us who is electable, are merely puppets, appointed by big business and special interest groups, intent as hell on keeping the status quo going. democrat, republican, it does not matter which party is in power. those who are gloriously happy over the upcoming end to the bush years (which yes, i can understand that enthusiasm--who in the world isn't?) will be disenchanted. all they need to do is recall the last elections when the dems took control. was the status quo challenged? were social programs funded to their pre-2001 levels? environmental protection laws and renewable energy sources given the attention they need? were criminal acts brought to the table, investigated, accounted for?

no. nope. no siree. uh, nope on that one too.

i'm either writing in kucinich or voting for nader. i simply refuse to vote for any person who is of the status quo anymore, regardless if they are the lesser of two evils.

hmmm... i forgot what this post was even about. :) oh yeah, cultural creatives. nice to know there's a name other than "freak".

tkn said...

Sure I admit it. I'm a little bit commie. The basic idea of communism is very appealing to me. One for all and all for one, or we're all in the boat together, recognition of our sacred nature and ecology, the unity of the biosphere, etc. I've always thought it unfortunate that the word Communist is now associated with totalitarian dictatorship. Stalin and Mao and the rest gave Communism a bad name. Truly democratic versions were squashed by the USA, though they've been resurging in recent years. I've never read Marx, I don't know the intricacies of the arguments, but I do know that America won't be truly free until people are free to choose between capitalism as currently practiced and something else that actually benefits most if not all the people. We can and will imagine a future free from the heavy heavy yoke of capitalism.

No we are not freaks. According to the authors there are 50 million of us as of publication back in the year 2000.

Thanks for the tip riverbird, that does look like another good book on the same subject.